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    thought I would check in with you to see what is going on.
    did you have any of your tests yet and if so what did they show?? I have been praying for you and am keeping you in my prayers daily.

    Just wanted to say hi and check and make sure you are ok.

    Love and prayers,

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    I am at my daughter Robin's b/c she's near the cancer center. I went Mon. for appt. and they said I have to have surgery but I opted for a Mastectomy instead of a Lumpectomy. I won't need the radiation with this but I'll need Chemo. I go Friday for a bone Scan. Surgery will not be until Jan. 2008. Don't know the date.They will reconstruct my breast at the same time that I have the surgery. So just one operation and then Chemo. It could still come back but not as likely as with the Lumpectomy.That's what they said.
    Hugs Shirley
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    I am glad you are with one of your daughters. That is wonderful. What good news also!! I am glad that you are having a mastectomy. I had both breasts removed and reconstruction because I had severe fibrocystic disease. I a glad that I made that choice.

    I will be praying for you and please keep in touch so that I will know how you are progressing. I am just so glad you are with family. I feel much better knowing you have loved ones around you.

    Wishing you a peaceful Christmas, I know it will be a hard one for you. Just keep clinging to God.

    Love and prayers,