Faith in Humanity

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    Hi everyone - my faith in humanity has been restored this weekend.

    For those of you who have NOT been following my story: I got evicted about a year ago, 5 days notice. My car was totalled at the time, so I also had no vehicle. Single mom, 1 daughter. The landlord knew about my FM also.

    At that time, my sister took me in. I thought it was a Godsend....but wait a minute....she charged me rent to the tune of $300 a month. I live in an abandoned karate studio, 1200 sq feet. NO RUNNING WATER/TOILET. Minimal electric. Very little heat. I pay her rent, plus the phone and electric in this studio. Of note, everything is run on electric - my bill is $300 a month just for the electric. I also help out cleaning and cooking at her house. I try to cook a few meals a week, which means buying extra food for the 4 of them who live there.

    It is very hard to get ahead and be able to move when you have these kinds of expenses.

    Anyway -

    My best friend told me this weekend she has a friend (I have met her a couple of times) who has a rather large home. Her only son is away at college. She offered to allow me to move there INDEFINITELY, RENT FREE, NO UTILITIES, just food if we need to. She is a housewife and her husband makes rather good money in his profession. She had to go through the whole disability mess years ago and knows what it is like.

    Most likely I WILL NOT take her up on her offer, but, my sister told me I need to move by August.......for whatever reason, dont know, and my mother told me I could move there, but only for a short period of time, then I had to move.

    It says alot about people who are willing to open up their home to almost perfect strangers to help. It really does. I'm very thankful to her.
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    I have always said that you can pick your friends, you can't pick your blood. Just because they are family doesn't mean you have to love them. You can choose the type of people you let into your life. Make thoses choices wisely.
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    Wow, what an awesome story. I think you should take this woman up on her offer. It sounds like she is paying it forward. She's been there, done that. Inspiring.

    Just make sure the ground rules are very clear and possibly in writing.

    I would get out of the situation with your sister, ASAP. You are showing her how you are able to find a better solution.

    Go for it and good luck whatever you decide.


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    Truly AWE-SOME.

    I too would take her up on it, it sounds ideal, especially since you have to move anyway from your sister's -- and even if (or especially if) you didn't. You'll be doing yourself and your child as well as this woman a favor - she want to help, and you need a home for the 2 of you.

    I agree, she's paying 'karma' forward, or paying something back. Don't let her miss out on her opportunity or yours!

    all the best,
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    Why wouldn't you accept this woman's kindness?

    I am not sure it would be wise to not pay something but if the offer is as advertised I have to wonder why you would not seriously consider this offer.

    This does not make sense to me given what you have told us about your living situation.

    An aside--strangers have always been kinder and more generous to me than my family ever has (with one an exception--a sister who died at 25 thirty years ago). I learned to accept care, concern and support from wherever it came/comes from. Or--I would be still waiting on my family LOL!
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  7. ilovepink4

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    This living arrangement could buy you time to save some money and get back on your feet....I say go for doesn't have to be could tell your sister to stick it, on your way out her unheated, overpriced, door....

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