Fake sunlight with a 4 bulb, it helps

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by AllWXRider, Dec 22, 2006.

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    I tried Prickles idea of using a heat lamp when I take a nap, I cover my eyes and sun bathe...extremely refreshing. I place the bulb ~3 feet (1m) away from my back. I rotate like a rotisserie chicken. My armpits sweat and smell real bad afterwards but I believe that its toxins coming 'cause I FEEL BETTER!

    Heat lamp bulb runs $4 at Walmart. There is a red glass model which is easier on the eyes for $8. 250W of infrared heat!

    Just make sure that the bulb is properly secured so it can't accidentally fall on you. I used a garage type clip on fixture and also secure the cord as a back up so NO accidents.

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    Do you think it is the heat or the light or both?

    I think we have two subsets. One that feels better with exposure to sunlight and one that feels better in the dark. I am in the dark group.

    Then there are the two subsets...the ones who feel best in colder weather and ones who feel better in heat.

    Clearly, you are KILLING pathogens, so I guess it is raising your body temp that is doing it?

    Just wondering your thoughts.

  3. AllWXRider

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    If you Google Sunlight Saunas, the scientific claim is that its the heat part of our sunlight that does the cleansing. Toxins including heavy metals come out through the sweat glands. My daughter's bio book says that "the sweat glands are the 3rd kidney of the body". On some warmer Texas winter days you can actually sweat from the sunlight. When I sweat, it smells bad.

    It was "Prickles" that mentioned about the heat lamp. I tried it and at 3 feet away, I sweat just a little but my armpits really smell up quickly.

    Spacee, I think its the light since I've tried hot showers and long hot baths.

    And it isn't light into the retina since my eyes are covered while I sleep. 250W is way too bright to stare into.

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