Fall and fracture to shoulder--OUCH!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kandikiss, Jul 9, 2010.

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    I tripped over our small pup and fell on the 15th hitting the wall with all my weight pm my rt shoulder. ( i also bruised my rt knee, and had a small bruise on head from my glasses. Hubby took me to the ER, they x-rayed it and said it was a shoulder separation, but did not appear to be fractured. I emailed my regular doctor and she referred me to an Orthopedic Dr. I saw him on June 22nd and he says it looks like I did fractured my shoulder. He ordered an MRI to confirm it.

    I did fracture my ball in my shoulder joint, scraped the socket many times, from it popping in and out, and torn half the cartridge. I will be in a sling for awhile, taking it easy and doing physical therapy. I go back on July21st, to see if it is healing or requiring surgery. I may be a nurse but hate surgery, hopefully that will not happen.

    In the meantime, I'm moving slowly, using wheelchair for long distances. I'm also in a lot of pain, and given a stronger dose of Ultram.
    I try to be optomistic, but am a worrier anyways. Will keep yah'all posted.

    Huggies Deana
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    OMG you poor dear! That was one terrible fall. Make sure you take good care of yourself and rest alot. Injuries with us are not fun and can longer to heal.

    A couple of wks ago I injured my foot and its not been fun. Luckly it looks like Iam going to avoid surgery. I hope your outcome is the same.

    keep us posted jen
  3. gapsych

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    If you are in the ER make sure that a radiologist reads the xray.

    I had a broken finger and was out of town. I went to a walk in clinic and they said the finger was not broken but would have a radiologist look at the xray. Four days later, I get a call saying that the finger was indeed broken.

    But this was a very small incident compared to yours. How could it be missed?

    The hospital where I go is fairly big. They have a radiologist on staff who can read the xray. What is interesting is that you get the xray, it is automatically put on the computer and your doctor can look it up at that instant. Wow!!

    So sorry that you are both going through this. I hope there was not any damage done by the incorrect reading of the xrays.

    Healing thoughts.

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