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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by sisland, Oct 13, 2009.

  1. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Well it's definetly fall with some winter temps thrown in this past week!,,,,We broke 22 year records with a high of 5 degrees this past sunday,,,plus we got a blizzard with 25- 40 mile an hour winds on friday and saturday,Brrr!,,Thank goodness we woke up to a temp of 27 this am:),,,,feels like a heat wave..lol

    60's ~~The insurance companies these days always seem to be out to rip people off and to never pay out for what you pay premiems for! So sorry to hear that they are not cooperating!,,,I bet you feel like your camping out in your own home,,,,don't let up on them!,,,Keep calling them everyday!,,,,just mhop!,,,in the mean time i hope your staying warm and dry!,,The wheather has been really bizzare this year!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Hope the rain clears up so you's can finish your outside jobs,,,How's the ponies?

    The baby is close!,,,,about 2 weeks away!,,,i'm trying to get my ducks in a row for the trip down!,,,,,,He has started to turn alittle so we hope he decides to go all the way!,,,i'm so excited!!

    Mystic~~are you home yet? how was your Trip?,,fun i bet!,,miss hearing from you and Robin both!,,,HUgs all around!,,,sis
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  2. mysticbrit

    mysticbrit New Member

    Sis - thanks for starting the new chapter. So sorry you had to give up on the puppy but I completely understand. Puppies are WORK and it sounds like this little guy needs someone willing to give him non-stop training, not something any of us here are able to do. When we adopted Tucker (our American Eskimo) he was around 10. I knew I wouldn't be able to go thru the training and figured a senior citizen doggie needed a loving home too. It's been a wonderful match.

    60's - Sorry your kitchen is still torn up. Isn't it strange that insurance companies insist on getting your premiums on time but when it comes time to put in a claim they have all the time in the world????

    Robin - Glad you're okay. I haven't gotten into facebook but just about everyone I know is on there.

    Our Trip - It was wonderful. We hated to come home. One of the days we drove on the Blue Ridge Parkway (Skyline Drive). The scenery was awesome and suddenly we saw a black bear snacking along the road. Hubby stopped and I took a bunch of pictures. It was so close to the car, and I was so excited, I hope the pics turned out okay. We couldn't believe our eyes. We had just sat thru a Park Ranger's talk who said they (the bears) were heading into hibernation. Hubby was so dissapointed that he wouldn't get to see one and 20 min. later, there she was, waiting for us it seemed - LOL.

    Our condo was great. We had a large screened in porch that overlooked the mountains. Every morning and evening we'd be visited by up to 8 deer. Also some smaller critters. We would just sit and stare at them. They seemed so tame, I guess they're used to visitors. One night we went out to our car and there were 6 more standing by the car. I guess we were the visitors, not them.

    We both decided that we'd love to live around there. We hated landing in Washington DC and having to drive thru all that traffic, almost had a wreck. We were about 2-1/2 hours from there so luckily we didn't have to deal with traffic once we arrived.

    Sis - I'll bet you're counting down the days until your grandson arrives. Maybe he will move before the delivery and she won't need a C-Section. At least the dr. knows ahead of time so will keep the options open.

    My computer is still having connection issues. I never know when I'll get on.

    When we left Virginia last Friday it was 80 degrees. Then we had to come home to 30's. Yuck.

    Luv ya,
  3. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Oh Hi!

    So glad your home safe!,,how about all that wildlife!,,sometimes the city managers give people permission to hunt in town if the deer population gets to be to many,,,In Mt. at least,,,sad to say that civilization has taken over thier territory or visa-versa,,,,,Bet your drive along the bluerigdes was beautiful!,,,i'm being lazy today with all the cold wheather and all ,,,,,The p.c. is a big passtime when the wheather is crappy!,,,,,need to get my rear in gear!

    on a lighter note,,,The other night on Craig Ferguson,,,He was wiping down the Cameras and the camera men saying "Yee just never know where they all have been,,,lolololol,,,,sis
  4. mysticbrit

    mysticbrit New Member

    Sis - You and my hubby should be chatting. He LOVES Craig Ferguson. Every morning he fills me in on who/what was on his show the night before. I think I'll start recording it so I can keep up with you two - LOL.

    BTW - Will you check my profile and see if my dog Tucker's picture is in it now??? I've had trouble loading it since the board changed but I think I've got it now. At least I can see it but I'd love to know others can too.

    I've been reading your post about house decorating. It's really cool. I'll have to add my two cents. You and I share the same colors.

  5. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    glad you started the fall chat,I think its been almost a year since this chat started.
    Gosh we"ve been having raining weather ,but nothing like your getting,I don"t know how you do it.I don"t know if I could take that kind of weather.
    Well it won"t be long now till that sweet baby will be here,maybe he"ll turn and get into position I"ll remember your daughter in my prayers.
    I wonder how Nancy ,s doing maybe it won"t be long and she"ll be back and fill us in on her trip. I said Hi to Robin today on Facebook. I don't get into all the games and such thats on facebook.I more or less just use it to keep up with friends and my kids and neice,s and nephews. It is kind of nice I have to cousins that are in different states .
    I"m still not making any headway with the insurance company they just are so hard to try and work with.& I"m getting weary of all this.I read on the internet that they drag things out so you will just settle and take what they want to give you.
    I"m so tired of it. I just wish I had my old kitchen back.
    do you watch Dancing with the Stars? we do I hope Donny gets to the finals.
    well have to fold some towels,chat later Hugs Sixtys.
  6. sisland

    sisland New Member

    I took the evening off to get my laundry done!,,,it's about a block away to the laundry room!,,,yea!,,anyway "got er done" ,,,lolol

    Nancy ~~~yes i see Tucker! he is such a handsome boy!,,in fact thats what the little dog Tuffie looks like except he's all black and weighs about 12 lbs!..i really wish i could have kept him!,,,,,i took him out every 1-2 hours while i had him and more often if it looked like he might go!,,,,,,,

    Anyway when you wern't paying atten:,,,,he would just sneak off and take a whiz anywhere he pleased!,,,even after he had just been taken out,,,I lost it when this happened in the kitchen a few times,,, that i had just cleaned ,,,,not sure if he thought he had to leave a new scent or what,,,,,Yes! tape Craig! ,,,you will get a laugh no matter what!,,,,,,,HUgs!

    60~~Hi!,,,,,can you call a (free leagle consultant and ask what you can do to speed up the process?),,,because winter is comming and they need to get it done! I'm being nosy but are the replacment products alot cheaper or just alittle bit cheaper?,,,,,I'm saying a prayer for you!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Yep i have been watching dancing with the stars!,,,,I would love to see Melissa Joan Hart win it but Donny is pretty good for his age!,,and then thier is Mia,,who has gotten alot of high scores already,,,,,I'm also watching the biggest loser,,,what drama these people have to go through to lose that wheight and stay on the ranch,,,,,,,omgosh!,,,,,But it's really fun to see how much weight they have lost in the end!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,HUgs!,,,,sis
  7. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    well its Monday again,hows everyone doing? we had pretty nice weather over the weekend was able to get outside and do a few things.
    Nancy sounds like you had a really nice time on your trip.I wish I could travel but I don"t think I would sleep away from home very well and if I don"t sleep I just can"t do anything the next day.It would scare me and then I always feel like I ruin everybody elses fun.
    Sis I"ll bet your getting so anxious about the baby,keep us up to date.how far away does your daughter live.?
    well we"re starting to make alittle progess with our house,their here redoing the floor upstairs today and we have the floor for downstairs ordered .so hope they get started on that this week. I finally got some cabinets picked out but it will take 4-5 weeks to get them. so I hope they have this all done before xmas.
    the stress I just didn't need,just having people in the house so early in the morning gets to me and then the noise is what really bothers me,everytime they hammer or run a saw it feels like the inside of my head is vibrating. something wrong with my ears.and has been for a long time.
    I just keep praying for God to help me get through this so I don"t have a flare. well I have to get moving have some errons to get done ,will be a good exuse to get out of the house. Jerry will stay here we don't like leaving workers in the house with out one of us being home. have a good one . hugs Sixtyslady
  8. mysticbrit

    mysticbrit New Member

    Still having computer issues so hubby is going to take it in for repair today. Just wanted you to know that I'll be thinking about you all, just can't talk to you for awhile.

    60's - so glad the work is finally getting started on your house. I completely understand your discomfort with the noise, etc. When we've had work done here I've felt like I was going to jump out of my skin.

    Sis - sending you and your daughter & SIL tons of best wishes and prayers for a safe delivery and healthy baby.

    Missing you already,
  9. sisland

    sisland New Member

    So good to hear from you both!,,,i'm feeling very fluish today,,,,,who knows where i caught it,,,oh wait it's probably just the dd,,,,,

    60's ,,,Good news on the home front!,,,,Thankgoodness it's all getting done!,,just think you'll have a nice new kitchen for the holidays,,,,,can you wear your ear plugs when the work is going on?,,,,don't blame you for wanting to get out and away from all the noise!,,,,,,,,,,Janell has her dr's appt on the 23rd so we'll go from there as to whats going to happen delivary and date wise,,,,,,,,,,,,,Thanks so much for the good wishes from you both!,,,,Nancy ,,Hurry back!,,,,,hope the pc repair man doesn't charge you an arm and a leg,,,,,,
    I'll keep you gals updated on the Baby situation!,,,,,,,HUgs!,,,sis
  10. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    got our floors done and the dry wall in the kitchen,I think their comming to repaint the kitchen this next week. Then we"re just waiting for the new cupboards to come in so they can install them.
    Nancy hope you get your puter back soon.and SIs how are things going with your daughter,can"t be to long now,but probably not soon enough for her.
    I"ve just been having stomach problems since Sept every few days I cramp up so bad and have to run to the bathroom I "am almost scared to go anywhere wish I"d get over this I have IBS.BUT I never have had cramps on and off for this long.
    It,s been really rainy here for so long but the sun finally came out today and would"t know it my back is bothering me so bad I can"t go outside much and enjoy it. but it,s still nice to look out the window and see sun. hope you Gals are doing well . keep in touch. hugs sixtyslady.
  11. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Great to hear from you!,,,,,Glad your kitchen is comming along!,,,just think "a new kitchen!",,,,,that should brighten your world up alittle!,,,,,Did you get to pick out the color of paint?,,,,,,Sorry to hear about the darn ibs symptoms,,,,,can you drink some peppermint tea? that seems to help me when they crop up and also i try to miss a couple meals in a day or 2 so my digestive system has a chance to get back to normal,,,,or so called normal,,,,There's so much we can't eat with this disorder!
    Yes i talked to Nell on the phone yesterday and the Dr. has ordered an Ultrasound on this comming tuesday morning to see just where the baby is positioned and then they will decide from there about the c- section or just normal delivary,,,,,,,just biding my time waiting to hear when to pack up the car and go!!

    The closer it gets the more excited i am!,,,,The Teachers and other staff where they work threw them a big baby shower ,,,,,that makes 2 now!,,,,,,plus they have had alot of stuff given to them!,,,,omgosh have they made a haulin'!,,,,,lololol,,,,,,i'm going in half on the crib--changing table combo with Don's Mom,,,,,of course it's payments,,,but thats ok,,,,,,I wanted to help out as much as i could,,,,,,,,,I just hope the labor and delivary goes well and that the baby is healthy!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,HUgs!,,,,sis
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  12. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    Sis,sounds like your getting ready for the big day.are you going to be there for the delivery? I was with my daughters for most of the grandkids. it was great to hold your grandchild minutes after their born. 'Well rainy weather again, I wonder what is up with these weather fronts,
    everything thats been planned for outside this fall we"ve had to cancel because of the rain.
    our house is getting back slow but sure they finished the new floors.got rid of all the carpet and have new prego floors,I think I"m going to really like them.
    we also removed a older slider door in our living room and Papa Smurff and our Sil put in a new bay window yesterday, I love it I can see so much more of our wooded area.I have bird feeders that I watch all winter now I"ll get to have more. we didn"t need the old door since the guys remodle last year and we now have a slider door in the dinning rm leading out to the deck.makes the house so much lighter inside. My cabinets won"t be here till around Thanksgiving.
    hope everything is going good for you Gals,I chat with Robin once in awhile on face book.I like face book ,but Immune support is my old friend . theres so many good tips on this site .It,s helped me along in so many ways when ever a new symtom appears and can usually find some help here. right now I"m suffer from muscle pain,you know that burning kind it runs all up and down my spine even affects my scalp. I just ordered our winter supply of vitamins need to keep up with them. well Gals I have to get up from here and move or I won"t be able to i get so stiff. hugs sixtyslady.
  13. sisland

    sisland New Member

    60's~~Yep i'm going to be there for the delivery "god willin' and the creeks don't rise",,,,,we have a winter storm warning comming through for the next week so i hope the drive isn't to bad!,,,don't know for sure what day i'm leaving yet,,,,,The drive includes going over 2 Mountian passes and thats scarey if you only have a little Chevy Cavalier like me!,,,,,lolol,,,although i did get the studded tires on last week and that should help!

    Hope your rainy wheather clears up soon!,,,Your new window sounds wonderful! and the pergo flooring will be easier to take care of too i think ,,,,Glad your able to keep in touch with Robin ,,,i havn't gotten on to face book yet,,,,,I hope Nancy can join us again soon!,,,Miss her and Robin both,,,,,,,,That's a great idea getting a winters supply of vitamins,,,,i usually order them online or pick them up localy if they have good prices on them,,,,,,,,,,,,Chat with you again soon!,,,sis
  14. mysticbrit

    mysticbrit New Member

    Well, here I am again, and only $150.00 poorer to get this 'puter fixed. At least I hope it's fixed.

    I just got it home an hour ago and had to call tech support for the new router thingy. I couldn't understand a word the guy was saying and ended up yelling at him. Hubby got on the phone and between the 3 of us we got the thing installed. You'd think for $150 Staples would have done it for me - geez, am I a grouch or what????

    60's - so glad your renovations are underway. A word of caution with your new floor, be sure and clean it with the right stuff or it will get dull. I use vinegar and water for mine but I know there is specially made stuff for pergo, my daughter just had her whole main floor done in it and the guy told her what to buy. I think you get it at Home Depot or places like that.

    Sis - You must be getting so excited about the new baby. Please take it easy on the drive, then take tons of pictures and post them for us to see.

    I have an appt. with the pain clinic on Friday. Hope they listen, I've been miserable. Also, the doctor's office called and moved my hubby's cataract surgery up to this Wed. It was supposed to be on the 11th. Seems like everythings happening at once.

    Well, I've got tons of email to attend to so I'll stop for now.

    Glad to be back - hope I can stay connected for awhile.

    Luv ya,

  15. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Nancy your back!,,,,,so happy to hear from you!,,,,everything coasts an arm and a leg anymore!,,,Hope your PC stays fixed!,,,,,,

    Did you say that you were on those pain patches before? ,,,,,I hope you can get more because they really seem to help most people i've known that were on them when i worked at the hospitial,,,,,,,

    Yes the baby is just taking his sweet time!,,,,,lololol,,,,,I know i should be packing for the trip but of course i'm putting it off until i hear from Janell telling me she's in labor,,,,,,,,,anyway Happy Halloween to all!,,,,,,,,and tell DH that when he gets his surgery done he will be able to see Craig Ferguson better!,,,,,,lololol,,,,,love sis
  16. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Just stopping in to say that The grandbaby is on his way!,,,,I'm leaving soon and will let you know all about it when i can get access to a PC while traveling!,,,,,,,HUgs!

    I'll be doin' the Gramma Dance!,,,,,,lolol,,,,sis
  17. mysticbrit

    mysticbrit New Member

    Can't wait to hear the details. Let us know as soon as you can. Prayers being sent your way for a safe trip, easy delivery and healthy little baby.

    Luv ya,
  18. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Thanks for all your support and prayers!,,,The Baby is soooo cute and his Mom and Dad are in heaven with him!,,,,what a wonderful feeling it is to be telling you all that i'm finally a gramma,,,,and that the Mom and baby are doing great!,,,,,,The drive down here was long and tiering but definetly worth it!,,,,,i put a gramma post up!,,,,,,,HUgs!,,,,,love Sis
  19. mysticbrit

    mysticbrit New Member

    The Greatest Club in the World

    Sis -

    You're now a member of the most wonderful club in the world. I absolutely love being a grandma, all 3 are special in their own way. I can picture you walking on air with a great big, proud gramma smile on your face. You'll soon get used to that feeling, I still get all warm and fuzzy when I see my "babies", and they're 12, 13 & 15.

    Sounds like your daughter had a rough time but I'm sure she's forgotten all that now. Braiden James is now a part of our family so please give him a big hug & kisses from us all.

    Take care on your drive back home, I'm sure you'll hate to leave.

    Bunches of love for your whole family,

  20. mysticbrit

    mysticbrit New Member

    A quick note to let you know that I just brought Hubby home following his cataract surgery. It went really well, the Dr. said it was "REALLY" a big one, much bigger than the one he'd had done on his other eye 5 years ago.

    We got to the hospital at 11:45 and were home by 2:15. He goes in for a check-up tomorrow morning and I need to put drops in 3 times a day.

    Yes Sis, he said now he'll get to see Craig Ferguson even better - LOL LOL.

    Also, I told him about your new status as a gramma and he said to tell you he's very happy for you. He has 7, plus my 3 so we're grandparent pros. Love them all.

    My pain clinic appt. is this Friday, hopefully they'll consider giving me those pain patches so I don't wake up miserable every morning because my pills have worn off.


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