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  1. jasminedeer

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    hi all.

    i have not been here in a very long time..

    stepping in to say hello and blessings.. things have been very complex.. needing prayers for strength, favor, and protection and good health.

    i have been busy with all the animals and the deer have been beautiful this year.. many mamas and babies......in the grotto enjoying the treats and yellow leaves.

    praying for spirit to come alive and real again..and for hope and strangers (who will be like family) will show up.. to guard and nurture me with food and care and some i can trust....against the wiles of this world.. it has become such a wicked place.

    blessings and happy thanksgiving to all

  2. hangininthere

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    Hi Jasmine.

    Praying all your needs be met.

    Lord make it so. Amen.

  3. jasminedeer

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    thanks patti for your response and prayer!

    bless you too~

  4. windblade

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    Hi Jasmine. Welcome back. Enjoyed much your poetic images - fall rain drizzle thanksgiving, etc. It gave me a lift - I love poetry.

    Praying along with you and Patti for all the needs you mentioned!

    May God nurture and saturate you with his enormous love, like an ocean, river, stream. And care for you in all the ways you need! Amen.

    Blessings to you, and Happy Thanksgiving also.

  5. jasminedeer

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    thank you judy,

    i do love poetry too.. but im feeling very exhausted and angered today.. gods hand has still been letting the curse of this world destroy and batter me for way too long (decades)..no matter what i do (i have risen over and over like a pheonix only to be batted again each time, doors slam and i am disregarded).. i just read james to get a boost and redirection of truth, i have tried to come to him for relief and honor again (being i had to give up since he just let the curse beat on and on)..but seems the prayers of yesterday (with me and even on here) just faded out again.. cuz i got super food sick until 3 am last night.. even when i prayed for protection and was very careful.. many issues like many here.. but i had food poisoning like a month ago..and now i get reactions over and over to food and things allergic too.. hidden in them (like 11 times since)..etc.. it is a fearful heady attack and body attack when it occurs (pacing the house and worried i have to go to emergency until it passes) and i am so tired of the slights of this world and all those who betray over and over.. so very few who are true..i have removed the toxic long ago.. but still battle a war every single day.. now i have to go to (an early thanksgiving) on saturday to a (mostly estranged set of siblings etc (abusive, dum, addicts etc..)....so i can see parents..since they dont visit. i am alone most of the time.. love my company but tired of the slams of this world and the humans in it.. my animals make me happy.. .. men and friends have betrayed.
  6. Soul*

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    Jasminedeer, it's not Gods hand cursing you, it's just a sick old world that we the people made of it in time. Not something anyone in particular can be blamed for just something we have to deal with as good as we can. I know how you feel when even food becomes an 'enemy' but despite of all suffering don't give yourself an even harder time by taking it as a curse, it is not a curse it's just the way time has gone by. The world is sick, matter is sick and our bodies are made of matter. People are lost and lost people make wrong decisions, not because they want to harm but just because they no longer know how not to... New things become old, spring slowly turns to winter before it turns back to spring again. Take plenty of rest, thats the first thing to keep on top of overwhelming emotions. And know there is a place of peace below all the turmoil of the body and the world that you can tap into. You are a soul, not this body and you the soul have a core of peace and so does every other soul, even if they can't find that right now, take care!
  7. jasminedeer

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    thanks much soul!.

    i had to go to the emergency room all day yesterday till late.. (nauscious, tummy stuff, anxiety, heart rate fast for hours and sheer terror in mind when this food thing happens from the reaction)..they did a bunch of tests mainly on heart..they didnt get the point it was food reactions (the root).. but good to know the other stuff is ok. then last night when got home still tons of anxiety still reacting to food..into the shakes..till thank god i fell asleep.. i am moving into food very slow..my body has not wanted it.. i have had some grapes, few pieces of apple and a few bites of yogurt.. im gonna now have a very small touch of soup and some bagel my first meal since. 2 nights ago when this went down..

    back into prayer and seeking god.. and doing all i can.. keep a vigil going.. for me.. for protection, no more reactions, healing, for my mind to stay completely sound and protected, favor, blessings and helpers to come whom i can trust..and god to bestow his goodness.. (the curse read genesis 3.. ) i agree the world is in such a state.

    thank you for your words and prayers friends... blessings..

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  8. windblade

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    Dear Jasmine - Do you know what caused the food poisoning or allergic response the first time? I just had something similar - from mold poisoning. Our house had been declared a Federal Disaster Area with 5' of contaminated waters in basement - and backyard, in street.

    The firemen offered to take us out in a rowboat if the waters didn't recede. That was Hurricane Irene. We moved, but I've had lots of Gastro-Intestinal Illness - from the mold toxins. Just recently I started drinking fresh vegetable juices with ginger added. The ginger reduces the inflammation in the stomach.

    I couldn't even keep in and digest 1 tsp. of yogurt. Had to stop eating for a few days, but was able to keep down water with electrolytes for those days.

    Did much research - found juicing is easy to digest. Also heals mold illness.

    Are you gluten- sensitive? I had to stop eating all wheat and gluten about 15 years ago. Would get very sick if I ate any after that. My CFS Dr. says also to rotate foods - not too much of one thing. He has free videos on youtube - Dr. Majid Ali. Many on gastro-intestinal problems.

    Yes! Keeping you in prayer vigil! I understand your sufferings from abusive family. Same for me. The injuries are long-lasting. And I can so relate to the experiences of batterings in this world! I live it almost daily - but truly trust that Jesus suffers with us, and his promise to use these very circumstances for our good is valid, because his nature is true!

    Have never seen any flaws in him in gazing at him for the past 40 years as an adult. And my childhood love too. Left him as a teenager - too horrified by people's closing their eyes to severe abuse to children.

    People fail - but the Sacred God/Man who came to us - never! I don't say that in a light, easy way. My life has been filled with much torment. Not from God, but from people's failures and inability to love.

    Take special care of yourself emotionally if you have to go to relatives for Thanksgiving. And physically, much rest. And praying for your allergic responses, inability to eat - some solution.

    May God tenderly wrap you in his care, and his wisdom guide you to healing solutions. Amen

  9. jasminedeer

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    thanks judy..

    still not thru the woods yet.. i think i should stay easy on the food..but i was hungry yesterday and had to have a little something more.. the first time a month back or so.. was a taco (chicken, prob garlic in it too who knows but i think it was bad) i had quit all meat and was down to chicken..now im thru with that.. too scared.. i am going to my regular doctor tomorrow... its been in the past that would do it..years ago..fish/garlic.. recent scare in last years was meats and that chicken most recent bad food poisoning.. and (11 times since reaction or so/ garlic).. and so forth.. etc etc etc.

    my abuse was not in childhood..only in adult hood by men/friends.

    sibs have issues..and addiction etc..

    all is good with that family dinner its over..and no attacks.. im here..alone.. trying to take care of me..but with all these things.. its very taxing.. listening to sermons..

    thank you for your insights and info.. and prayers.. much needed.. bless you

    still worried.. keep a vigil going..

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  10. jasminedeer

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    ug.. this stomach thing and many other things with cfids/cold and more.. being i have all of our illnesses..digestive /gut thing is still going on.... whenever i eat or digest or pass anything and all thru the day.. and im also so tired/ on period and more.. i get sick many times thru the day with that not right feeling and worse..

    i have to eat something now..then going to doctor for tests.. i hope we can get some real tests in. (fecal/blood etc). but please pray for nothing horrible.. i cannot bear much more.. with any bad parasite or some nightmare or some poison i would have to take.. i can barely even eat a bagel.

    i have no clue what it is..

    thank you for your prayers.. help!!

  11. springwater

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    praying for you to get well completely...

    god bless
  12. windblade

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    Hi Jasmine - how are you doing today? Were you able to eat anything?

    Praying for you daily. Do you have any tests lined up?

    The 'Juicing' helped me to get nutrients into my body when I couldn't digest anything else. It's healing my gastritis, which was so severe from mold illness, which is really a kind of poisoning. Ginger was the key I think, plus celery, carrots, fennel, kale juiced. I can eat other foods now when I drink the juice beforehand.

    I couldn't even handle a tsp. of yogurt before that.

    Let us know how the tests go. If there is a juice bar near you, you could try a gentle 'green drink', sip it slowly, and see if your body can handle it. Regular digestion uses about 30% of our energy, and the veggie juice bypasses that. And is loaded with minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants, etc.

    Of course you want to get tests too. I know how hard it is when other things pile up on the CFS!

    Glad that you have your animals to love on. They are such a huge comfort!

    You're in my prayers!

  13. jasminedeer

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    thank you so much friends for your prayers and concern.. means a lot to me.. thank you springwater for your prayer and judy for your ongoing prayers for me daily.

    it was such an unbelievable thing, the attacks and horror that would happen with the food.. i have been eating now better for like a week and it was still very little till the last couple days.. im hungrier now... still on a special type diet.. and i think the weeks of eating little might have helped like a fast so to speak.. i am on things like bagels, avocado, olives, apples, potatoes, juice, plain yogurt**. .(i have not juiced yet..and would need to get all the stuff my life is complex enough.. i have done it before.. so i can shoot for that sometime but would go easy on the greens with my system)..etc.. praise god/jesus! that i am doing better.. i think that the garlic is a massive component of setting it off as well with the food attack sickness and out of body mind attack.. its a physical response.

    i am so grateful that i am not feeling this horror right now or lately in the last days and i am giving glory to god!..and have been able to take care of things and my animals..etc...but still have not gotten any answers back.. get this.. the tests are not even back yet..and no calls from docs.. you know how that goes.. i call them and check in. i am feeling pretty certain now..that it must not be some other creepy thing..but was probably the horrible poisoning that caused this reaction to my intestines.. etc.

    thank you for your prayers and keeping a vigil for me..whilst i deal with many things.. at once..

    hoping you all are having some peace and blessings at the holidays without pain and suffering..

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  14. jasminedeer

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    ps.. how do you put a profile picture up.. thanks!
  15. hangininthere

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    Hi Jasminedeer.

    Glad you're feeling better. Thank You Jesus sooooo much.

    The garlic makes you sick? Have you googled a list of all the foods that contain sulfur (which is what garlic is)? Well, just about all foods have sulfur in them, so it's almost impossible to avoid. Our bodies consist of a lot of sulfur too - need sulfur to live. What a conondrum if one is allergic to sulfur.

    Yes, a food allergy can cause mental/emotional symptoms. It's called a 'behavioral food allergy'. It's definitely from a physical cause.

    Whenever I'm feeling physical toxic overload from anything - due to sluggish system from CFS, plus I think I'm what's called a 'poor metabolizer' which has something to do with the liver not clearing out waste/toxins fast enough at the normal speed - I get mental symptoms with it too.

    I take charcoal capsules as needed to detox. Works like magic for my relatively 'mild' (compared to the reaction you had) toxic overload.

    The food that makes me feel very ill and mentally/emotionally haywire is gluten. Gluten can cause physical and mental symptoms. I haven't tried the charcoal capsules for a severe reaction like that, since I haven't had gluten in about eight years, and quit it before discovering charcoal capsules.

    Here's the link to the PH thread about posting a profile picture (avatar). (But you have to know how to get the pic onto your computer first. Then how to get it from your computer onto PH. I can't explain how to do those parts.) This just tells how to get it onto PH, the final step.


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  16. jasminedeer

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    patti! thanks so much.. get this.. i am sulfur allergic.. i have reacted to sulfur drugs before.. i did not know that garlic was sulfur.. ewww.... yes i was also poisoned years back and the garlic acts very similar .. that and makes my mind feel very sick and out of this world as well.. like panic.

    so i am really avoiding it and reading all labels.. i did just buy some sun chips cheese flavor and want to have a few.. i think some very small amount of garlic powder sometimes im ok..but not willing to take any risks that are massive.. after this last nightmare..

    i finally got the tests back from the gastro and hers are negative.. praise jesus! .. the ones at the doc are mainly repeats of these.. so i should be all good.. i hope!

    if you know of other foods that are sulfur types..let me know.. i was also tested for wheat allergy and i am fine!! thank god cuz that is my staple when all else fails! and i now know i have no parasites!! hallelujah!! amazing after all these years on this earth with animals..and all the wierd things we get into our foods in this world!

    i will try the photo thing.. i want to put a pic of my deer up!!

    thank you and keep praying.. as you know we are never thru the woods.. my prayers are with you all too..happy holidays.. (we hope)

  17. jasminedeer

    jasminedeer Member

    i got it thanks.. you can see 2 of the beautiful deer that come by..this was a mama and daughter.. thank you for praying for me.. and THANK YOU JESUS!!!
  18. hangininthere

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    Yayyy, you posted a pic! Do these same deer come by often? If so, did you name them?

    I googled high sulfur foods to refresh my memory, and the internet articles all say some things differently.

    Garlic, onion, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts high in sulfur.

    Plus meats, eggs, and dairy.

    But one article said that if they're cooked, it lessens the sulfur effect.

    Google and see what all it says about 'foods high in sulfur'.

    Oh how I miss wheat. Gluten is added to almost everything - such as I miss being able to pop a frozen burrito into microwave for quick snack. To have anything yummy I have to make it homemade, which I'm too tired to do very often if at all.

    Glad your one set of tests came out A-OK.

    I'm a cat lover and wonder if I caught anything from the cats I've had my whole life (no cats now, though, not allowed where I rent). But my welfare insurance won't pay for any state-of-the-art docs who would give me thorough testing.

    Praising God for your recovery from the poison/allergic reaction. Amen.

  19. jasminedeer

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    hi patti!! thank you so much!! yes i think im ok with those other things.. but **garlic/seafood and even meats can push me over. and onions dont really unless so cooked down.. (im avoiding garlic like the plague..but did eat those sun chips and was fine)..but i have quit meat this last year..for the animals! and now im down to a smaller list of things i can eat.. but i will tell ya.. i would not give up wheat even if i tested positive to it.. i would get yourself retested...if i were you.. once years back they said i was positive to all sorts of things (apples bananas wheat etc.. that i am NOT! .. this last test of wheat said negative thank god! which i knew cuz i eat bagels and bread as staples.. so stoked..but trust me.. our cfids can just make us feel like hell.

    i have been eating my more mellow foods all weak no big real meals..if you know what i mean..and i get you on the being too tired.. even baking a potato is a stretch..but at least it just cooks itself and then i cut it up.. potatoes really saved my life during this time ..and yogurt. unfortunately last night i was craving spagetti with meat sauce so bad at this once place..i went there and watched them cook like hell while i was at the counter.. it was grossing me out.. oil, cows and greasy stuff and more.. i watched the older lady to my right cut up her cow and drink her wine.. i was gonna say "how is your health doing?"..i saw the gluttony of our culture and no mercy for our animals.. i ordered fettucini alfredo (which i dont even like).. cuz it was the only thing i could find with no garlic..never again tho..the last time i did this as a back up i gave it all to the crows..and i will do the same thing today.. i got food sick last night from 6 bites of it with its butter grease.. and (i even said light on the butter and creme)..gross!! ewww!!

    i dont blame you on missing the wheat.im gonna pray that you can eat it now and be fine!!!! in jesus name!!

    does anyone know if we can private message on this site.. or if its only posting topics.. thanks much!!

    praying for you my friends.


    trust me your ok on the cats! i love cats too and they dont spread any germs! i think they are heaven like! if after decades and decades i have nothing from them..and no parasite and no bacteria.. you dont have anything to worry about.. i let them lick my lips too!

    i get different sets of deer! this mama and baby in photo..and i had another set of mama and baby..(the darker smaller ones this morning.. ) so cute.. havent been out yet.. i gotta do my garden and animals in a bit..
  20. hangininthere

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    Hi Jasminedeer.

    Yes, this new format has Private Message.

    As near as I can figure from reading other people's tips, there are two ways to do it.

    One, you can click on someone's username or avatar pic, then click on the option 'Start a Conversation'.

    Or, you can hover your mouse arrow over the Inbox at top right of page, then click on 'Start a New Conversation', then type in the exact username of who you want to PM, then write your message in the message box that's below the username box.

    I've never been tested for gluten. I accidentally discovered I feel better off it when my son suddenly got real sick from gluten about 8 years ago. I whipped into action and immediately started cooking him gluten free meals that day of course, and tried them myself to see how they tasted, and found out right away I felt better off gluten myself.

    When you've been off gluten for a while, some people get an even worse reaction if they accidentally or on purpose try some. That's what happened to me. After being off it for several months, I accidentally got glutened two different times and had a way worse reaction.

    I've got in the back of my mind that I could slowly get used to gluten again someday, but I'm staying gluten-free for now since I don't have time to be sick until I get used to it again. Then there are some people who can handle it for awhile after being off it - til it builds up in them again and makes them sick.

    Plus I'm staying gluten free in support of my son, so I'm not eating yummy foods while he eats not so yummy (because I'm too exhausted with severe CFS and bipolar depression to cook and bake yummy stuff on a regular basis). So me and him eat yukky gluten free most of the time, just the simple meals my hubby can cook for us.

    I've often wished I could stop eating meat - for the animals. I'm a critter lover to the max. It kills me to think how we murder them for food or to cut down their population. Totally kills me.

    I hate to kill a spider in the house, even though I'm terrified of them. Too tired to catch them and throw them outside, and hubby would refuse to throw them out, he just smacks them with his bare hand when I'm not looking to insist he use a kleenex. Son loves spiders and insects and will throw them outside when I see them and insist over and over (the 'throw the bug outside fight' I call it, haha) - but he sneaks and lets them live in his bedroom which freaks me out because they could crawl out to where I am, haha. When I kill one, I whimper sadly "Sorry. Sorry." I feel like I'm playing God taking its life - it was enjoying its life until I caused it to be terrified going after it. It's a wonder I still eat meat.

    Well, I'm a city girl as you can tell. What would you do if a bear came at you to attack you? I love critters even though I'm scared of some of them.

    The times I've gone meat free I didn't last a week. I seem to need that animal protein for strength. And I love meat. Since it's at the store, I buy it. Too easily available. If I had to hunt for it myself, it would never happen.

    I love fatty foods. Funny you mentioned Alfredo, because I've been having it the past couple of months on rice noodles. That's something hubby can cook for us. Got the sauce store bought in a jar though, and the label ingredients look good and pure, but it tastes like plastic to me. I make a heavenly homemade alfredo sauce though. Rich and creamy and fatty.

    Alfredo sauce is loaded with garlic.

    Wonder if you have a bad gallbladder? Have you had it checked? Or maybe you're not used to eating fatty foods anymore is all.

    And by the way, funny you should mention spaghetti. It's my favorite entree in the whole world.

    I'm a foodie.

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