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    hi patti.. well life had been a hell before the food poisoning gut thing and after too.. always so many things.. i recommend you truly get on wheat (and off that gluten free sucky food).. it took me about 15 tries to quit meat.. only took me a few months..but i did it.. i rescue animals..and i dont want to be a hypocrite, this is something i have always wanted to achieve..i wish i had done it years ago.. (get poisoning once..and you will quit)..plus digesting an animal..when it was afraid for its life and at its death..imagine what that is doing inside you not to mention..its flesh of a soul much more beautiful than any humans i know. and also filled with all sorts of things these days and they dont do things right behind the scenes.. imagine how far that meat went to get to your mouth.. not to mention its dead meat... goodluck..you will feel better too..im severe cfids and im fine off of it.. i have lost weight tho..i have been able to eat more without the (hell reactions as of late).. thank god.. but things have been just high drama and one nightmare after the next for like 6 months..not to mention.. 30 years. let me tell you how to do spiders..you put a cup over it and cover it and it crawls to bottom of large glass cup you cover with like a plastic butter container thing or something.. for a minute..then you run..saying spidy spidy.. (that is what i say to the cats if they find one.. ew spidy ew spidy).. then you throw in the toilet and dump it and flush..i either do this.. or with wads of tp.. and once in a while i will let outside if its a not too creepy insect.

    so hmmm i will try the private message thing.. to you.. just curious.. does it only go to your inbox..just want to write a private message in case i have something.. to share i cant put up for all to see.you get me!

    after the nightmare with my gut.. i met some idiot at the week of xmas.. and that turned from good to stress real quick and wasted my time and made me sick ..always juggling tons at holidays... then my oldest cat.. whom was nearly 18.. started dying.. i went thru way too much death for my mind to handle.. and caused me to cry for week and anxiety ta boot with my already health death issues...ending with terror of putting him down.. he truly blessed me tho with how he chose to die..just slipping away.. each day.. i gave him all i could and he was a good boy.. we miss him here, but have many others and many other animals..to care for.

    hope you are hanging in there! get it! and your new year is going better than mine.. i am now just regrouping and rescuing animals and today is a recoop day.. as we get sick over and over and over.


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    ps.. patti.. i tried to send you a locked personal message.. did it go thru to you.. i couldnt see how to make it send.. thanks.. if not send me one that is also locked.. thanks!
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    Hi Jasminedeer.

    So sad about your kitty.

    I didn't get a private message from you. I'll try sending you one. I won't lock it though, because I looked and it says when you lock it that no one can reply, so I'm not sure what that means. I'm thinking to Send you have to click Start Conversation. Leave 'add others to conversation' un-checked. And don't click Lock. But if you know what that Lock means, let me know.

    I'll try doing it the locked way too though, like you said.

    I'm not sure how to do it, or where. Because there is one private message option that the message is visible to all on our profile page, so don't want to do that kind.

    I'm assuming the Moderators have access to our private messages, since on a different forum I read they did. So I wouldn't say anything you don't want other people to happen to read.

    The Moderators here can also read our deleted messages we've deleted.

    Well, gonna try to send you a private message in a minute.

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    thanks patti.. this site is so slow..often no one around! ive been so busy with all the animals..and illness and many errands as usual.. hope you are doing well! life is wierd..its like the schematic that is stamped on a soul..just keeps on!!

    thanks for the info.. ya no point of a private message if it is not private.. .. maybe meet in chat sometime! and share an email.. sometime real quick!! ;)) ok

    how are you doing? im trying to find new ways to meet any decent humans..but its so rare..to find the rare true and good souls.

    thanks for your friendship..and hope you are having a good weekend!!

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    patti hope you come by sometime again.. so we can have a little "chat" hahaha.. and pick a time to meet.

    hope you are having a good weekend.. many blessings to you and yours..

    its raining today..and i love it.

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    still waiting......

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    Hi Jas.

    I sent you three private messages - the third one just a few minutes ago.

    You must not be getting notifications of them in your email.

    A red number will also show up in the top right corner here on ProHealth where it says Alert, which is next to Inbox at top right.

    Maybe your screen resolution is set too large to see the Alert, like maybe it's too far to the right of the border on the upper right?

    P.S. Don't mind me - I've been in a brain fog for a long time. I assume it's mild depression. I love when it lifts for a few weeks and I feel normal. The down lasts for months, then lets up for a few weeks. Then I'll get chatty again. I hate when I can't think straight enough to write.

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    maybe im retarded thanks for telling me where to look.. i see them now..ill go look!!! yes.. im sick today.. ug did too much.. and arm sore from typing..

    i understand i hate that fog too and all the ills that we get.. its great when you get those rare days when we feel normal!!

    ill go look.. thanks.. and happy valentines day to you and yours!!