Fall traditions/ favorite things to do

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by rockgor, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. rockgor

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    Favorite things to do in the Fall 10/15/06 10:27 PM

    Memories of fall. What do you do now? What did you do as a kid. Family traditions?

    When I was a kid my friends and I raked leaves. And then we jumped in the piles. And then we did it somemore. Eventually we made one big pile and had a bonfire.

    We lived in a village. Back then, people burned their trash in the backyard. My mother once tried to burn a roll of linoleum and, as she described it, "Nearly burned down half the town." Well, it didn't seem to catch so she went off and left it. Guess what happened.

    But she was exaggerating. Didn't really burn anything but some grass, weeds, shrubs. You get the idea.

    Halloween was trick or treats. Nobody had commerically made costumes. You were lucky to have a mask. Mostly we wore sheets; paperbags w/ faces drawn on them; plastic fangs; a bandana and a capgun for a cowboy. A pingpong ball nose and some makeup made a clown.

    People knew everybody. You were frequently greeted at the door by name and provided w/ home made cookies (orange frosting).

    All very different, and yet, not so long ago.

    This was posted last year. I tried to cut and paste all the responses too, but couldn't get it to work.


  2. rockgor

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    Caramel Apples! 10/16/07 07:09 PM

    I so love them! We used to get them from special people when trick or treating in the olden days!

    Fires in the fireplace.

    Walking along the beach in the brisk weather.

    Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday.

    But, caramel apples take the prize.

    Good thread, Rock...


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  3. sisland

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    My favorite time of year behinde spring! lolo! yes it's the Foliage,,,,,The Big orange Pumpkins,,,,I had a caramel apple,,,,last night,,,,Good!,,,,,,The crisp air at night and the semi warm afternoons,,,,,

    still smellin the Grills cooking steaks in the neighborhood,,,,,,,,There is even snow visable on the mountian tops up here!
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  4. 69mach1

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    my mom did when i was a kid...then we had powdered donuts w/real apple cider...

  5. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    always went trick or treating together....we nearly always made our own costumes. Nothing fancy- old clothes and an old hat made you a hobo.....plus I put Black Jack gum on my front tooth so I would look snaggle toothed! We carried a pillowcase and tried to fill it. Then Mom would look over our candy and ask for a few chocolates- she still loves chocolate.

    My boys decided that they are too old to trick or treat this year. They'd like to have a party instead....maybe bob for apples. Any suggestions?

    Rock, I also grew up in the midwest, and nobody in our town ever locked their doors in the 60's.

  6. greygodess

    greygodess New Member

    The crunch of leaves as you walk through them. The smell of wood smoke. Warm days and chilly nights. Mums and pumpkins. Football games. My favorite time of year. Godbless
  7. biddys2007

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    Hi Rock; My name is Biddy and I grew up in Pa so Halloween was fun,usually, lived in a small town and friends would go trick or treating. Yes we made our own costumes,dressed up like the absent minded professor one year and an old lady one year,used baby powder for white hair,flared poodle skirts. We also use to pile up the leaves and jump in them,even after we got married had our kids doing it too. The holidays are or were fun times now we live in Ky and don't see our family as much but sure like going down memory lane. We had Halloween parties for our kids and their friends a few times,decorated our house all up with cobwbs,music and all that good stuff. Once when we went trick or treating as a kid it had snowed and was cold and ice formed on the sidewalk not fun also had some kids throw rotten tomatos at us. Oh the good old days. Take care Rock and hope to hear from you again.Biddy
  8. Granniluvsu

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    Yes, when I was a kid we lived in NY (actually LI) and we actually had fall , falling leaves and all that stuff. Now, in TX it is still pretty warm but a little twinge comes every o now and then in the morning - NICE ! Hoewever, I do not like it to cold, sorry !!

    Yes, I like Rock's memories of Trick or Treating and no one was afraid really of going out after dark either.. The costumes were homemade or just old clothes around the house. I like someones idea of a Poodle Shirt cause that isI what I am wearing to a Halloween Party (before Halloween). It didn't have a poodle on it but had a record and music notes on it that I wore in a show a few years ago. I am the child of the 50's in my teans so that was an easy and fun one for me to do. DH is just going to wear jeans with a white T shirt (under shirt type) the guys used to wear them with their cigarettes in their rolled up T shirt sleeve. I even bought him a pack of cigs to put in there and he doesn't even smoke anymore. Sorry but he is not one for dressing up but he WILL under threat (-: !! I olooked for a wig for him and they were much to expensive so I have some black spray stuff to put in his hair. That should be interesting.

    Does anyone from UP NORTH remember going out, and dressing up as beggars I think and going to houses for goodies? I forget what it was called? Was it BEGGARS NIGHT or something like that. It has been way to long???? I think it was around All Saints and All Souls day.

    Thanks for the Memories everyone !

    Warm hugs to all,


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