Falling asleep at Inappropriate times???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Justlearning, May 3, 2012.

  1. Justlearning

    Justlearning New Member

    Hi, there. I'm new to all this, and won't bore you with how I think Fibro targetted me. I'm just trying to figure out what works and what doesn't. Would love any feedback on my experience.

    I was on 300 mg. of Lyrica. I noticed some weight gain around the middle, but put it down to menopause. Lyrica also knocked me on my butt in terms of fatigue. I'm now down to 75 mg and will stop that as well because I'm not sure I feel a difference in muscle pain now vs. 300 mg. Can anyone comment on their Lyrica experience? What about Cymbalta? (very different drugs, I know).

    Secondly, obviously the fatigue is profound, but every day some time between 11 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., I find myself falling asleep in front of the computer briefly -- my eyes are burning so bad and I'm so tired that I can't stay awake. However, usually the scalding hot tea I'm drinking wakes me up when it splashes over my body. Anyone else had the falling asleep sitting up thing?

    I've heard the term "Fibro Flares" quite a bit. Does that imply that you get some relief until the next round of fatigue and pain come along?

    Right now, I'm unemployed and actively looking because I quit my job 2 years ago to care for my mom because she has lung cancer. A year later, she seemed ok for the time being, so I've been actively and aggressively looking and I'm still unemployed a year later. The stress of not working and of my mom's illness probably inspired to Fibro to come out to play.

    Sorry -- one more question! Does it ever get worse? Or do different people have it in varying degrees?

    Thank you so much for listening and for your reply (I hope).

  2. Gee1

    Gee1 New Member

    Yes, I had to stop Lyrica for fibro pain, as it just increased fatigue, found myself falling asleep in the afternoon, on a very low dose even.

    I take instead, 25mg of Tramadol, by breaking a 50mg tablet in half, more when needed, its best to find the minimum dose that works.

    I have CFS and fibro pain. It so difficult to find a drug that removes pain without increasing fatigue. Initially, Tramadol can give an energy boost to those who are opiate naive.

    Currently, I am hoping to be prescribed Ritalin to combat daytime somnolance and fatigue. There are reports of some analgesic effects from Ritalin, so it might also help with fibro pain. Can't take Tramadol with it. Dr's can be so unwilling to let one even try Ritalin, due to the stigma of amphetamine abuse. Its really really hard to get even a private prescription for Ritalin in the UK for CFS/ME.

  3. jolena1966

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    I tried several things for my various conditions for pain and depression over the past several years. I cannot take Morphine I am allergic, almost all the anti depressants make my vision so blurry there is not hope of seeing to drive, or read, or anything else I get any enjoyment out of. My DR had me taking Celexa 20mg to start which I actually had no problem with other that I got a bit sleepy with them. Prozac was great no side effects but he said it was not going to help with the Fibro so onto Cymbalta I went and I started out on 20 or 30 mg I cannot remember now, but I am on 60 now and I get tired at time but I feel like it helps the sever depression I suffer with and the Fibro kind of if feeling ok. You know I think we all have our good days and our bad days when nothing we do seems to help. On the days when nothing seems to help I take my meds as usual and get me some warm clothes and get out my peppermint and Lavender essential oils with some Epsom salts and get the water in my tub as hot as my skin can take it so I don't get burned and I put 3 drops of peppermint oil in and 5 drops of lavender oil in and I soak until the water is just above Luke warm, than when I am in comfy PJ's I clime into bed and go to sleep.
    God Bless you and I pray you feel better.
    Jo Anna
  4. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    I am not on lyricia or any other antidepressant. I am on Xanax for panic attacks that are mostly undercontrol. It is the sleeping that is making my life tough. I can't sleep at night but I can sleep all day long. I feel like I am a baby who had their days and nights mixed up.

    The not sleeping at normal times has been a life long thing , some due to the fact that when I worked a long time ago I worked evenings and nights. So when I stopped working these hours I was in the habit of staying up late at night and going to bed early in the am hours.
    For the past few days I have felt so exhusted all the time. Last night I kept dozing off till around 9pm. I tried all night to stay awake but it was so hard that my body just did what it needed slept.

    I have days where I am talking to my daughters and I will doze off right in mid converstation or some times I keep talking and slur my words and don't make much sence to them. But I have no memory of the converstaion we had. I really hate when that happens.

    I don't know what to do to get my sleep schedule back on track, I have tried different aroma's like lavendar , camomile and others but my husband is really sensitive to scents so I can't use many or risk him not breathing.
    I have found one soap that I just love but apparently it is only made at christmas time. It is Soft soap called Wintermint Party. It is a soft peppermint that is not strong but is relaxing to me. Sadly I can't find any more of it.
    I have found other sleep aides from LUSH it is a natural cosmetics they make natrual bath bombs and the ones I have tried are great and work wonders, The sad part of it is that they cost more money than I have to spend. A bath bomb called Gloden Slumbers is $6.95 +s&h. Also Dreamtime is a bath melt that has helped me to relax and get some sleep.

    I have tried so many things to get me to sleep at night not during the day time but so far not much works and some days are much worse than others, I dont' understand the resaon why.

    I don't take the antidepressants because I have really strange sideeffects from them. and I don't need to act any stranger. I am on Mscontin 60 mgs x 2 a day, hydromophone 4 mgs x3 daily. soma up to 4x a day, xanax 2 a bedtime. visteril 2x daily .I take too many meds that react to sleep aide so I asked to not take them due to all the side effects
    I don't feel depressed just tired and want to be able to change my sleep habits, I know that If I coudl get better sleep I would feel better and not be so exhusted all the time and I would not.
    I understand how hard it is not have strange sleep patternes and to not sleep when you need to. I hope that I am makeing more scense than I think i am. I wish you the best in finding an asnwer to strange sleep habits. Take care of your self, If you find some thing that helps you let me know and I will try to see if it will help me.
    Thanks for sharing your info.

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