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  1. ellie5320

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    does anyone else trip and fall?I am thinking I am either not concentrating or not lifting my feet high enough.I have had about 5 falls this year so far last 2 days ago so I am till sore from this one :-(
    Thanks Linda

  2. rbecca47

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    I started falling about ten months ago. i have fallen, about 12 times, nothing in the way , didn't trip on anything, my doc ran all kinds test, mri, eeg emg, and exrays, and other. she finally come to the conclussion it is from the fibro. i have found that my legs don't work to well in the morn. and if i over did it during the day, my legs are weak. doc has me going to physical therapy,and aqua therapy, really haven't noticed a difference, but i am very careful when my legs are weak, some days i feel like crawling around the house (lol) my grandson would like that. all i can say is you are not alone. hang in there.
  3. LittleBluestem

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    I stumble and trip and sometimes fall. I think sometimes it is because of not lifting my feet high enough. I will trip on slight unevenness in the pavement. Other times it seems to be for no reason at all. My first fall was stepping off of a curb and felling flat in the street. Fortunately there was no traffic coming but it was scary and ruined the pants I was wearing. I have take a couple of falls on stairs. I have learned to be more careful in my movement and to walk more slowly, and seldom fall any more. (Knock on wood.)
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    I was falling and bumping into walls, walking toward the left when I wanted to go straight ahead a lot too for no apparent reason, never had been the clumzy type before. I do have fibro and CFIDS and so many other illnesses. I went to Neurologist and after having a MRI, EEG, EMG,also found out Ive had several mini strokes. So it's probably the fibro but do get it checked out to make sure there is nothing else going on. Dr. put me on Plavix to avoid having any more strokes or heart attacks. I had to have physical therapy for a torn rotator cuff from a fall and also physical therapy for weakness, probably from the mini strokes. Taking Neurontin for the neuropathy and all the pain. Symptons have subsided a lot, haven't fallen lately.

    God Bless You,
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    due to the medications we are on. That's probably the problem and why we may experience more falls than usual.

    About a year ago, I was bending over and just "tipped" all the way over onto my head! What a shocker. My husband was standing watching me and couldn't believe it.

    Then a little after that, I fell about 5 feet from a ladder flat on my back.

    Since those two times, my husband won't even let me think about climbing much more than a stair without a handrail or something to steady me.

    Tipsy ol' me! Jeannette
  6. ellie5320

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    I haven't mentioned falls to the dr every time I see him I seem to be doing ok I saw him the morning I fell after his visit i guess its back to him next week again then I was hoping I was just clumsy :)
  7. hdbubblehead

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    and it continued. I remember the first time, a few years ago because there was nothing there to fall or trip over.
    and i fell down like a child right in front of an AM/PM store, where you fill your car with gas, but you go into the store to pay. (the old days)

    well, that led to a few more "trips" and stitches on my chin and finally an MRI cause my legs were not working "right". the doctors were thinking maybe MS.
    well, I told the DR, my lower back hurt alot, but they did and MRI on my neck and found that I have a disease that has a few names but one is called cervical Spondylosis
    or Myopathy. the narrowing of the spinal cord. I will eventually become a quadrapalegic or worse. as i am told.
    surgery was pending, and i have chosen to take the course of Faith, and it's 3 yrs, praise Jesus!
    No operations for me.
    and that was the right choice cause now this year, i nearly begged for an MRI of low back, and guess what was found? The same thing! it's degenerative. go figure.
    I didn't want to pay someone to cut my throat anyways!

    hd's advice.....
    I am not saying you have this.....BUT, see if you can get an MRI of your spine. they won't usually tell you if it shows in an x-ray, but MRI shows the "truth" the picture is worth a 1,000 words.

    Also, do pay more attention to lifting your feet, and all that you said, take care of yourself. it hurts to fall, and you can do more damage as you know. be careful on meds too. I've hit the ground plenty. xxx feel better soon xxme.
  8. ellie5320

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    yes I do need to concentrate more to lift my feet nearly fell over the hose yesterday.the big problem is I forget so many things now my mind is on what I have to do or where I have to go and it does not go down to my feet maybe if I slow down will help thanks for your reply I hadn't even thought of an mri