falsified lab reports!

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    I had a c-section 4 1/2 mos ago. A few days later I began having flu-like symptoms. joint/muscle pain and fatigue. I let it go a couple of weeks then made an appt. with my obgyn. I told her about my symptoms and she tried to tell me I was depressed and that she had never had this happen to any of her patients as a result of c-sec. She then said she would run a sed rate on me and it came out high (61) . The nurse called and told my husband that since the sed rate was high they would run a rhuematoid factor arthritis test and a Lupus test (ANA panel) several days later my husband called her back and she said both tests came out negative. She said to continue motrin aleve combo.
    This helped for a few mos and I thought I'd make an appt with a family practice (whom I had never seen before) First doctor said she thought I might have the beginnings of arthritis and it just wasnt showing uo yet so I asked for a thyroid test. She sent me home with vioxx and never asked for a follow up appt. (which really upset me) the nurse called and said thyroid test was fine. So I went back to the same crappy HMO place, different doc to ask for referral to rheumatologist. He then decided to run tests and I tested poitive for Epstein Barr, positive ANA, sed rate of, neg for arthritis. He said he would send me to a rhuemy.
    Meanwhile I asked for my lab records from my obgyn and Penny the same nurse left a message saying she sent them and to call her with any questions. I get them and saw they NEVER ran an ANA panel it said on the lab report : No serum received. Arthritis said negative. I was VERY upset at this!
    My husband then called her and asked her if ANA was the test for lupus and she repied yes. He then said then why was my wife not tested when you said it was. She said she didnt remember and she would have to pull my chart and talk with the doctor. She knew damn well who we were I had gestational diabetes and had to see them VERY regularly and knew us very well. She has been calling frantically leaving numerous messages. I finally called her and she said she must have skrewed up although she doesn't remember telling Patrick, nmy husband. She also states she did not document this. Tried to give excuses. Anyway now she wants to know what they can do to "make this better for me"
    I have been on a waiting list to see a rhuemy . My life has been hell. My husband had to take a leave of abcense (1 mo) because I am unable to care for my baby or 2 1/2 year old. Luckily my parents help out alot with my babies.
    After 5 mos of waitng I am finally going to see a rhuemy Mon in Dallas a 2 hr drive from here because I am desperate.
    I went to the er and was told I now have high blood pressure
    Ive never ever had this, a heart murmur, never had this and heart palpitations and sent me to an internal specialist. Still waiting for results.

    I am fuming mad and I wasn't treated aggressivly, and lied to about my lab tests and have been suffering and going through hell! I would like some input on this as to what I should do. I have not talked with the doc although she has also been leaving messages. I just dont know what they can do for me now!I have also been in the process of applying for dissability. Sorry so long...just hsd to vent.
    oh one more question. Do you think I could have aquired a hospital infection? I have all the signs of fibro, Thanks
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    Other people on this board are better experts than me, but here is my advice. I'm not sure where you live, but you sound just like me when I got sick and kept going from doctor to doctor. I would advise that you somehow get yourself to Mayo Clinic. They will do all the testing (and fixing) at one time. It is a trip to get there, and may be hard for you, but it is worth it in the long run.

    I was sick for months, and going from doctor to doctor. When I got so bad that my family was frantic, they packed me in the car and drove me to Mayo. We didn't have an appointment, so I had to wait several days through their waiting process, but it was still less time than if I had had an appointment, because you can't get those for months, usually. Either way, appointment or not, it is a worthwhile trip.

    Good luck,
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    I have learned a valuable lesson here.
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    is talk it over with a lawyer. You shouldn't have to suffer because of the mistakes of others. Sure, doctors are people, they make mistakes, too. People get hurt when it happens.
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    If it isn't documented in a chart it never happened as far as a court of law goes. I don't think it too much of a mystery why they chose to not document it. dolsgirl