Familial incidence of CFS ? Think my son may have it too? Please help!

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    Hi everyone,
    I am a 43 year old UK mum of two and believe I may have CFS. I have 85% of the symptoms described...but they have all been diagnosed seperately over two years, by different docs. I am seeing a new doc on Wednesday to try and make sense of all of this...but I am wondering whether to mention my son too. (14 year daughter seems fine thank God).
    Robbie is 12 and has had severe migraines for six years - for which he is on daily medication. He continues to have 'breakthrough' migraines. He was also hospitalised at the age of 3 for suspected rheumatoid arthritis. Tests showed a massively raised ESR...but it seemed to clear up on its' own.
    Over the last six months he has been repeatedly unwell with 'viral' (doctors definition without testing) infections, severe energy draining, having to go to bed when he gets home from school, feeling innapropriately cold or hot, complaining of backache and joint pains. He has been missing at least one day off school for weeks now (and sleeping all day and all night, when he is off school) and his teacher commented on his absences at parents evening. I feel awful as the 'penny has only just dropped'. I had put a lot of it down to new school, migraines etc...
    I do not know what the familial incidence is of CFS but I don't want the doc to just label me as a neurotic (in view of the fact that I am sick too)mum but at the same time, I am really worried for him and want the best for him. I need more info / stats...
    Please, please Help!!!!!!
    Mary xxx
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    Researchers think more and more that there is a genetic predisposition to our illnesses. In addition, it appears that a bacterial, viral, or fungal infection may trigger CFS and may be contageous in its active stage infecting other family members.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hello Mary!

    My name is Marielle, and I go by mamie43. I am also 43 years old with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. My 24 year old daughter also had similar complaints as your son does and she was finally diagnosed around the age of 18. You must get your son to a rheumatologist ASAP.
    Do it straight away, and then please let us know whats happening!
    Caring hugs,