Familiar with any of these holistic centers & docs in DC?

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    Anyone ever been to any of these holistic healing centers -- they've got MD's, they sound good, and they are expensive and do not take insurance. Before I drop a big dime I'd love to know who's ok, good, and hopefully who's great...I'm just doing my research and if anyone has a word to add, feel free!!! Thank you!

    The good news is I'm finding some docs that do take insurance. We'll see. I need a genius, a medical detective like Dr. Vrchota was for me.

    I've heard particularly that Dr. Garzon is good.

    I've heard Janine Blackman MD is good

    Leila Zackrison

    Samuel Shor, MD, FACP
    Associate Clinical Professor
    George Washington University Health Care Sciences

    George H. Mitchel, MD
    • Dr. Teitelbaum Workshops Taken:?Workshop Level 1 - Foundation
    • Phone:  202-265-4111
    • Address: 2639 Connecticut Ave. #C-100
    • City:  Washington
    • State:  DC
    • ZIP Code:  20008
    • Country:  USA
    $350 for consult

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    The only one that I have had a chance to read is the first one. It does not mention the 18 tender points for diagnosing FM.

    Do you think that would be worrisome?

    Your PH name sounds like there might be an interesting story behind it.

    Take care.


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