"Families Living With illness...The Hidden World"

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    By Toni Bernhard. This lady speaks so eloquently for all of us (and our families and caregivers) who struggle day to day with invisible chronic illnesses. I urge you all to go to her website and to her blog in "Psychology Today", the links are below the article. She is the voice of our suffering, and I bless her for her work.

    I am a PWC/F for over 15 years, and and a recent cancer survivor. I try to help others newly stricken, to navigate the maze that is our diseases. Recently a friend's daughter, 16 years old, was Dx'd with Fibromyalgia. Once again, a vital and beautiful child, an athlete and horsewoman has been brought low by this awful illness. Her parents love and support her, but were at a loss, as the doctors threw dangerous meds at her, school seems apathetic, and the child herself feels her life is over. I can't offer her a cure, but what I can do is send her mom info, links and encouragement.

    Two adult women friends were just Dx'd with CBV & EBV, which we know can morph into CFIDS quiclky. Interestingly, they are coworkers and close friends, which gives me pause to consider the viral links to all these diseases. Those of us who are sufferers and who are mostly homebound can still be productive by reaching out to others who are less informed, remembering how we all struggle, especially in the early times of our illness, when it seems darkest, when we don't know where to look for help.

    My mantra, to paraphrase: "Just because I can no longer do everything, I will not stop doing the one thing I can do". That thing is to reach out and offer help, support and solace. Gets us out of our own misery. Namaste.

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