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    Yesterday, about 5:30pm two boys, one was 16 and one was 17 were wading around out in a lake when suddenly something went wrong. A man heard them yelling for help and went and got his boat, but by the time he got around to them they were gone. Noone knows what happened. I think they were out on a sandbar and went walking out into the lake to see how far they could get and the sandbar suddenly dropped from 4 feet to 22 ft. They could both swim, so maybe they got tangled in something. Anyway, they have been dragging the area for a day and a half and still have not found them. Tomorrow morn. a team of divers are supposed to come out and hopefully they will find them. The families are going through a real difficult time right now and need prayers. They are just sitting on the banks edge in agony and are just waiting. One of the boys is a cousin to me. Please pray for both families and that they will recover the two missing boys. Thanks a lot.


  2. kholmes

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    What a terrible tragedy. I'm not sure what else to say, but I will definitely pray for both families.

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    our prayers go out to this family that God will comfort them in their sorrow, and hold them in his divine hands.
    God bless
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    I don't know what to say either. I am asking God to bring peace, and comfort. I can't imagen. I will let my spirit pray for you, and the rest of the families. Love & Hugs, Tam
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    Dear Kriket,

    I am so sorry!! What a horrible tragedy. I can't even imagine. You and the family's will be in my daily thoughts and prayers. I am also still praying for your Dad. Love and Hugs

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    Thank you all so much for the kind words. Still haven't found them yet. Divers are coming tomorrow morn. to start the search. kittycare, thank you so much for remembering my dad. He is doing pretty good, but I can tell that he is so sad. Everyone here is so special.

  7. kriket

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    Thanks to all of you who prayed for the recovery of the boys bodies that both drowned. They were both found by divers this morn. Please continue to remember the families of both boys in your prayers as things are really difficult right now.

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    I am so very sorry to come back and read this horrible news! I will also be holding this dear family up in prayer.

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    and also for you kricket.I'm so sorry.Linda
  10. TAM

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    My prayers are with those families and with you kriket,

    My heart just breaks for them i can only imagine the terrible sadness there in i have a son and he is my world.

    MY thoughts and prayers will be with all of you. Tammy
  11. Pottersclay

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    Sorry to hear abut the boys.
  12. Asatrump

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    What a terrible tragedy, and how humbling for all of us to see how quickly life can end. I send prayers for the families and friends, and also for people who will learn from this I pray. Such sadness to lose not one but two sons, I truly can't imagine. Prayers for all.