Families, rejection, seperation, pain, abuse........ chat all welcome

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    I'm so sorry for all who are suffering at the hands of family members. I am too, the emotion pain and turmoil is indescribable.

    We assume our family will love us, treat us properly, be there for us and we do the same, yet so many people are seperated from family.

    The bible says to honor our mother and father, its the only commandment that comes with a promise....a long life.

    I tried for 20 years to have a relationship with my mom, the latter years I began to put up boundaries to protect myself, I have been nothing short of a slave my entire life, helping raise my siblings, looking after my mom, being loyal, being controlled and abused.

    My mom influences my siblings against me, and now my kids too, its too long to go into!, its toxic, brutal, and soul destroying.

    I never stop yearning for a loving family, when I see families out together, I feel so alone in the world, silence is hard, being ignored at christmas, birthdays, being excluded is hard.

    It seems unnatural, and the pain is there everyday, yet we have to go on, somehow someway. I am slowly learning how to nurture myself, I was neglected as a child, and gave and gave, so much was expected of me, I was never 'allowed' to look after myself, I'm learning.

    My prayers are with all those who suffer similar, Windblade I know your plight, I'm so glad you are looking after yourself. I pray God puts people in our lives that can love and support us, we are wired to be in relationship with others. God Bless and lets take each day as it comes and pray for the love of Jesus to sustain us.
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    For your pain and everyone whose dealt with this. Im 52 years old but still feel like a child who's hurting. All these years later. I feel like I should've let it go long ago. Too many unresolved issues. If I'm perfectly honest, I have to admit I struggle with trying to not harbor hate. If I could turn back time, I'd make sure my voice had been heard. I cant do that now, its too late. I went on to create the family I didnt have, though my marriage wasnt good. I have my kids. And now a marriage that IS good. I'm truly blessed. The past still haunts though. My heart goes out to anyone dealing with the issues and feelings in the title of this thread. Rebecca
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    I went through abuse as a child..so can relate. Won't go into all of what I went through. It took years to get through to a place where I knew I had to be.
    I am at peace with so much of what I went through. The Lord has helped me get where I am today.
    Prayers for you,
    Love, Cynthia
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    Wow I agree, its a messed up world right now.

    I have been reading the bible a lot lately, things were so different back then.

    I tried to give my kids a better upbringing than I had, yet they didn't want it. I pine for my kids everyday, I have very little contact anymore, they certainly don't honor me! I know I will be there when they need me, it could be years.

    I hope you guys are enjoying spring! Its still beautiful here, no sign of winter yet!
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    Rainbow, so happy you found happiness and love after so much junk in your life. I loved the wisdom in the prayer you posted.