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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by PAlady, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. PAlady

    PAlady New Member

    Hi All, Just wanted to ask, how about your famliy members, do they belive fibro is real? Several of my kids( grown up) don't, they say its just a catch all, its just arthritis. I try to hide how i really feel, but feel bad cause they don't belive me.
  2. cczub

    cczub New Member

    My whole family has been very accepting at least to me... I've heard a few things behind my back from a few of the not so close family members. My wife tottaly believes it as does her parents and mine. My wife actually has 2 aunts that have FM. I never knew this and mentioned that my doctor had brought up FM and they looked at me and sai"I have FM too." Was kinda wierd but good because I talk to one of them on a regular basis and we compare what's going on. Especially when the weather changes...
  3. darvick

    darvick New Member

    Most of the time everyone is supportive. There are times tho that spouse asks how come you can type for this or that and cant this time. Well sometimes you have a good day and sometimes ya don't. Dont feel bad it is a real disease the fibro pain, the confusion of fibro fog , fatigue. I feel bad sometimes also but we have to be good to ourselves,, poo poo to anyoone who doesnt believe. I have doctors will to fight for me for disability.
    Chin UP
  4. beeleaf

    beeleaf New Member

    My family is a little too competitive and forgetful for me to discuss health issues with them.

    My partner and close friends have actively tried to figure out what was wrong for years. Y'know, "ask them to run such and such test, etc." If they don't believe it's FMS, it's because they think it's something else, like Lupus.
  5. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    but try not to let them get you down.Sassy2 is right,the ones who live with you are most likely to understand.I visited my closest sister in Mar. we drove from OH. to Florida and I tried as hard as possible to be a good guest cooking them a dinner and she said look at you, your just fine. I was so hurt and didn't say a word but as I cried in my DH arms that night he told me to forget explaining he knows as well as 91 yr. old father and my son because they see what I go through when the doors close.Yea for him!
  6. MsE

    MsE New Member

    It took some of my kids years to "get it," but now they do. So does my sister.
  7. lightnerbride

    lightnerbride New Member

    My parents are great and believe, especially my mom since she has FM just at a lesser degree than me. Even though my dad doesn't really understand it all I know he believes but can be insensitive at times without meaning to.

    I think my one aunt really believes and gets it but I think the rest of the family is just confused by it all. I look real young in the face and don't really where my pain or fatigue on my sleave. My mom always tells me you don't have to always put on a happy face for people they need to except you not you try to pretend all is okay for them.

    My best friend that I never see I believe understands and still thinks of me as a close freind even though she's busy and I'm a mess.

    My husband and his family are full of non-believers. My mother-in-law just today asked me to describe it to her again and she said I must have it too. She said I am sore and achy alot lately and tired (she just had brain surgery 2 months ago and is recovering from a stroke.)

    My husband knows something is wrong but doesn't get the FM/CFS esp. all the rest I need, the Fibro Fog (he definetly doesn't believe in that), my pain. I can be very frustrating when the person I've now shared 3 1/2 years with and just married in October still doesn't get it.

    It at times worries me about our relationship if he doesn't ever really understand. His big thing now is well I never take my vitamins (true) or any othe minerals ans supplements meantioned on many websites. Well at least he must be looking up stuff on it now on his own. I hope that brings future understanding and I am about to buy Bruce Campbells book and would love a recommendation (will make post) for a book with natural help I am not against looking for help outside of the norm.


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