Family dealing with fibromyalgia

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    My sister in law has fibromyalgia/CFS...she mainly copes with it by laying in bed all the time...I understand that she has pain, but we as her family feel like if she would set her mind to it, she can and would be able to function normally as a wife and mother. I want to not be judgemental, but it is difficult when my in laws were visiting her and her son was pleading with her to get out of bed...please help me understand her so I can be supportive.
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    You might want to visit the fibromyalgia/CRS board. See the menu in the upper
    right hand corner. You can also visit the "Research, news and articles" section above.

    What was your sister in law like before she got sick? Do you have a reason to
    doubt that she is ill.

    I worked full time, went to law school at night and took care of my son on
    weekends. Now I'm disabled. Just the way life is for some of us.

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    FM and CFS are names given to symptoms for which Dr's do not know the cause.

    There IS a cause of all her symptoms and it is likely infectious.

    Many, many people who were first diagnosed with FM or CFS, later found out that the cause of their symptoms was really a chronic Borrelia burgdorferi infection (Lyme disease).

    Please read these links carefully. Otherwise your S-I-L will suffer forever, never getting well.

    It is very important for you to know that lyme tests are very unrealiable, yet regular Dr's use them all the time to rule out lyme...which is wrong.

    Your S-I-L really needs a good eval from a Lyme literate MD (LLMD) which you can find by going to on flash discussion....sign up for on Seeking a Doctor on Post New Topic and create a post asking for a LLMD in her state.

    You will receive a private message with info.

    then click on forum home and then click on the Medical Questions board. Read posts and post your own questions about your S-I-L's symptoms.

    You will get many helpful responses.
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    We are not doctors and shouldn't diagnose any disease especially without the OP giving any symptoms. That's being a bit premature.

    You certainly have the right to post information as do the other posters above.

    May I humbly suggest that you might want to relate this info in terms of yourself and your experiences. Possibly some scientific studies? Even suggestions are fine but I would really hesitate to say everyone has Lyme because of certain symptoms. Explore it possibly but we can't diagnose.

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    I'm glad that you posted to see how you can be supportive of your sister in law.

    One thing for sure is that she can NOT set her mind to it and function normally. It isn't a matter of willpower. Fibro is a mean nasty beast that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

    What makes it so hard is that we don't have a disease such as MS or cancer etc. where everyone can see it and no one questions how one feels.

    Since my diagnosis, my world has turned upside down. There have been many days/night that I've cried in silence because I've missed something that was important to me, that my life just isn't the same anymore, BUT I am blessed with a very supportive family which is a life saver for me.

    Imagine having the worst stomach flu you've ever had, laying on the bathroom floor, fever, aches and someone says "okay, get up, time to _____ (go to work, make dinner, go to the playground). You just CANNOT somedays.
    (I am only giving an example of how "mind over matter' doesn't apply to fibro)

    Your SIL needs support. She needs as much as you can give her.
    Please go to
    It provides lots of information about Fibro that I hope you'll find helpful.

    I hope your sister in law will join us here if she feels up to it.
    The Fibromyalgia board is much more active. Message boards are listed on the right.

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    doesn't look like the original poster has been here since posting.