Family Dr. or Rheumatologist for FM/CFS

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by scootersrosie, Feb 1, 2003.

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    I'm wondering what the concensus is about who you all think is the better Dr. for FM/CFM treatment; Family, or, Rheumatologist. Thanks. I've been dealing FM, etc., for a lot of years now and I'm still not sure if anyone of them have helped me. I sure would like to stop taking all the "drugs". Any info on Alternative Medicine? Appreciate your thoughts.

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    I rely on my DO more than my rheumatologist. My sense is that rheumatologists use big drugs while my DO is more open to whatever works. I personally don't do well with many medications. My DO provides acupuncture, osteopathic manipulation, physical therapy, homeopathic and herbal treatments, and drugs when I need them. I check in with my rheumy about 3 times a year. She is delighted that I am doing so well with my non-drug regimen, although I am getting ready to start a(nother) longterm course of antibiotics for my arthritis. My recommendation: find a good DO and go there.
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    a few weeks ago. I think you really need to work with whoever works best for you. I have been working with my neurologist and had wondered if I should be seeing a rheumy. Since my neurologist is treating my fibro right now and is doing a good and caring job at doing so, I will continue to see him, unless he asks to to see someone else or refers me out to someone else. I have a friend who sees a rheumy for her fibro and one of her friends sees her gyn. Stick with whoever works best for you.

    Best of luck and best of health to you.

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    I don't think there is a blanket answer for this question!!

    For every person here who loves their rheumy, there will be five who say their rheumy is a waste of time!! Ditto to neurologists, PCPs, chiropractors, etc.....

    It's all about finding that special doctor (whatever the specialty) who really listens, works WITH the patient, and above all, is really, truly knowledgeable about FM/CFS!

    I see an allergist who practices traditional & alternative medicine who specializes in FM/CFS patients. Before I saw him, I never would have thought of an allergist for FM treatment! But he's very thorough & knowledgeable.

    Good luck, ask everyone you can about local doctors...a local FM/CFS support group is a great place to get recommendations for good docs (and who NOT to waste your time and $$ on..). Hope you find someone great!!