Family drives me NUTS

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    I am sorry that the first draft of this post turned out to be so wrong. I know be tter than wtitng when I can't sleep, words come out that don't make scense.
    I am sorry that the post I first wrote, was just me griping about my brother and sister. I was really bothered in teh way my brother and sister treated our mother, not listening to what she waanted done. How much she wanted done in this major cleaning.

    I am over tired and in more pain than usual, We had a really wet winter that went from snow to rain and more snow. INfact here in Utah people were sking of the fourth of JUly. We have been thru flooding , rain more flooding. All of this weatherw as not great for me, it only added to the daily pain I live with.

    I don't deal well with my brother and sister , I don't like it that they dont' listen to her and don't understand what her needs are. I really just wanted to get all this BS off my chest and I hsould not have done it here. I am sorry if I offened any one with my ranting.

    I struggle daily with pain from fibro, DDD,MPS and others. I really didn't mean to sound so whiney. I am thaknful that there is some where I can go and vent when I need to.

    Some of the stress I went thru was that at the time of this cleaning my husband and I were in the middle of moving and so it was hard to be there to support my Mom and still get moved in to our new house. Now both are done and I don't have to deal with my brother unless I want to call him. My sister and I are trying to work together on taking care of Mom.

    Sorry about the fist post, I hope I didn't offend any one. My brother does not take money from our mother he just keeps a tight rein on her spending so that she will have money when she needs it. I have learned that since he is in control of her money I don't have to worry about it. But I don't have to like the way he started getting her money in control.

    Thanks so much for letting me vent.
    Rosemarie[This Message was Edited on 08/17/2011]
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    I am so sorry for what you've been dealing with. Unfortunately, we cannot make others behave as we would want them to. Sometimes, we just have to set boundaries, or even worse, not let these people into our lives. I know, not easy to do but if our own survival, or our loved one's, depends on it, we have to make some really hard decisions.

    Unless there are changes made, no one will see a reason to act differently and this will go on and on. If you think the family is taking advantage of your Mom, see help from your local elder abuse office. It needn't be physical abuse; it can be abusing an elderly person's finances as well. Someone with nothing to gain should be handling your Mom's money or someone who loves her enough to handle it with her best well-being in mind.

    If this sounds too radical, reread your post. Unfortunately, we will, over time, accept behavior from our families that we would never accept from strangers. Please get some help for you and your Mom. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie

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