Family Party yesterday just wore me out. still coughing

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Dec 31, 2006.

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    I went to a family get together yesterday, it was nice to see everyone but I am still coughing up my lungs. Now with each cough it hurts to breathe FUN RIGHT? NOT!. The party was really good and I got to see my SILs and BILs and all the kids who are now all parents, or newly married.

    This includes my own girls, one is having medical problems , one had moved home from Connenicut where she was a nanny and she brought home her boyfriend too.
    The youngest is expecting her 2nd baby any time now, {due date is Jan 19th } but since she went to the hoapital the night before this party and is dialating and the baby is really head down and if she drops any further she will fall out on her head.

    I sat and coughed and coughed and coughed. I am so tired of this cough that I am realdy to scream but that would not help much. I have never felt so exhusted all the time, I sit down and my eye's want to close , I can't watch TV because I drift off to sleep.

    It not the same fatique that I have had with my fibro. This is much more, I have lost my appitite and there was so much good food at this gathering. NOthing tasted as good as it should so I really didn't eat much, and the rice krispie really looked like it would talke so good but it didn't.

    We had over an hours drive home so I trid to sleep on the way home. When we finally got home I was so tired that I would fall alseep just watching the TV set.
    I just was so tired and as well as aching all over.

    I am really hating this cough and tightness in my chest is making me feel. I won't cough for hours but when I start it lasts for 20 minutes with a couple of seconds I could catch my breath.

    I am still stressing over thigs I can't change. As I have said before my pain doctor is going to court because two female patients claim that he touched them where he should not have... Both were deined pain meds after appointments with him. But since this is a HUGE deal now.

    I am a bit worried . I have a appointmetn to get my meds refilled and see how they are still working on Jan 15th. But his trial is on the 9th -12th and even though I don't believe that he will be found guilty of doing any thing wrong there is always that possiabley of some thing going wrong.
    I know in my heart he has not done any thing wrong and one of the women admitted that while she had on a wire. The other claims that she was left alone with the doctor while she was under the influance of versed and demoral.

    During this time she claims that he groped her.But accourding to the nurse's that were in the room during the entire procuedure have stated that they never left the room till she was ready to go home.

    I know in my heart that he is going to be ok but my brain is worried as I am still taking strong pain meds like MSContin 100 mg's 3 x a day MSIR 3 x a day, soma 350 3x,visteril 25 1 daily, xanax 1 mg @ bed time vlum 10 mgs bedtime.

    I know that if there is a problem I will be in deep trouble as I will be out of meds and will not have a doctor to refil them. Hopefull I can get my gp to write a motnhs worth worth so that I will have enough to find a new pain doctor and then I will have a new doctor to rx them.

    So I still feel rotten and worried and sick. Yet there is not much I can guess at the outcome of his trial. So why am I stressing over it and making my self sick from worring about it.Sorry if I am just rambleing on and on about nothing .

    I just don't feel good and this coughis driving me nuts and I don't feel good from it and not feeling so great, some where between death warmed over and a mack truck flattening me.I am still coughing up green gunk and that worries me So I really need to get in to my GP and get some thing for this before I get phenumonia if I don't already have it.

    I am so tired and feeling rotten , tired, exhausted, stressing over things I can't change, and that just makes me feel worse. So I do I keep worrying of these tihngs I have no control over is beyond me. But I still do it. I really hate it so much.

    So I am going to rest a while and take down the christmas tree. Thanks for being here for me when I need some one to talk with.

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    Dear Rosemarie:

    Sounds like you really have a bad cough. Do you have asthma? Bronchitis? Pneumonia. Is your cough productive, and if so, is it colored? I have asthma, and I can cough for 25 minutes at a time if I am in a place that has irritants in the air (smoke, perfume, smog, etc). I have also had lots of experience with pneumonia. Not fun. Are you wheezing? If so, I would certainly call your doctor, or go to urgi care. It is not something you want to mess around with. Do you have a temp? Are you pale? You said you were more exhausted than normal...these are all things that say something is wrong.

    Good luck to you, and hope you can get some rest. Make sure you stay extra hydrated, as it will make it easier for you to cough up what is in your lungs. Gross, but it does work. If worse comes to worse, go into your bathroom and turn on the shower on HOT and just let the warm, moist air help you to breath.

    Good luck with the pain doctor as well. Also, not sure which meds you are taking, but many can depress your respiratory be careful.


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