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    I am so off about my hubby family they thing every as to be there way or no way. they think i am so dump, and sister things i am a nut job she always tells people on line for other people that i am crazy she don't no me and she can just i will punch her in the mouth. i don't understand is family one min they say they are sick by when my daughter is sick she don't want the baby no where by her. but the other people are sick she like go head like her mother said to me she so she and she can't really be by her but she can be by a 6month old baby and my daughter older..FAMILY my mom never calls and i can't stand her, my hubby does talk to me no more i don't no more..i am so off..thank for listen..Jamie

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    Thank you very much you are right about that. hope all is well with you..Jamie

    I have a Q for that second person. what is B?
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    Hope your doing ok tonight! Familys can be so complicated !! We all Have things that change in our lifes sometimes for the better and sometimes not!

    I Have 3 Daughters all grown now but I know How hard it is to Feel like your all alone in the world and raising the kids too! Please just put yourself and the kids first and try to find a free clinic to go to for Medicine if you need to! Sometimes you have to just distance yourself from Family members until things get better!

    I'm Thinking of a place called Human services . If you need anything for you and the kids they will Help you get it!! If you want to talk i'm here!!

    P.s. I love the picture in your Profile Of the fairy princess! Shes Beautiful!! wish i looked like that! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Take care !,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Sydney............Hope this is Helpful!!
  4. Jamie4130

    Jamie4130 New Member

    Thank you very much, i am not talk to my hubby, i am very greatful to all of you!

    thank you about the pic, i put are very beauiful person..Jamie

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