Famous Names - An Alphabet Game Vol. 3

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    Are we ready for the L's?
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    Lyle Waggoner Actor (Carol Burnett Show)

    Lyle Lovette Singer/Songwriter

    Loretta Young Actress

    Loretta Lynn Country Singer
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    Thanks for starting a new volume, GB. Do you remember Loretta
    Young's TV show? She always made a dramatic entrance through a
    doorway. Somebody, Carol Burnett or Imogene Coca maybe, did a
    take off where the dress got snagged on something. Anyway I used to
    watch her show along with all those many other playhouse shows in the 50s.

    Ladybird Johnson, First Lady. Her first name was Claudia, but she used
    her nickname all her life. She and Bess Truman were the longest lived
    first ladies.

    Lefty Frizzel, country western singer. Had several number one hits
    in the 50s and 60s. Died at age 47 from high blood pressure aggravated
    by alcoholism.

    Larry Bird, pro basketball player. Boston Celtics.

    Lance Burton, magician. Had shows in Las Vegas for many years.

    Larry Hagman, actor, went from I dream of Jeannie to Dallas. His
    mother was Mary Martin.

    Lane Bryant, clothes for the bigger gals. "Lane" was actually Lena.
    (She said her bank made a mistake spelling her name.) Lena
    started out as a seamstress. Her husband developed and enlarged
    the business.

    Leonard Bernstein, composer of Broadway Shows, (West Side Story),
    symphonies, operas, film music (On the Waterfront) ballets, etc.
    Long time conductor of the New York Philharmonic. Back in the
    50s he gave several lectures-demonstrations for teens on Sunday
    afternoon TV.

    Lawrence Olivier, British actor. Honored by not only the British government
    but by other countries. Married to Vivien Leigh and 2 other actresses
    (serially). Was given his first important stage role by Noel Coward.

    Lash LaRue, cowboy star in the days of my yute. There was also a comic
    book about his exploits. In addition to swinging a mean whip, he played
    the guitar. In later years he taught Harrison Ford how to use
    a whip while looking debonair.

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    Rock, Yes, I do remember The Loretta Young Show. It was really good. I can still hear the theme song in my mind when I think of her swooshing through the door! Other good playhouse shows of that era were Robert Montgomery Presents and Playhouse 90. Did you watch those?

    The first time I saw Elizabeth Montgomery was on R.M. Presents, Robert was her father. Many stars got their start on that show. too.

    Speaking of Lane Bryant, I used to buy those plus clothes. :) Right after I developed/caught CFS I started to gain a lot of weight. I lost
    most of it a few years later, but never have gotten back to where I'd like to be.

    I gained 40 pounds the first year of the illness. I'd never had a weight problem before, always underweight actually. Only weighed 112 before getting ill, went down to 106 and then, whoosh. GB
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    Lucille Ball (I LOVE LUCY!!!!!)

    Louis Armstrong, musician/singer

    Lorne Green, actor (also a singer/musician?, per wiki)

    Lorne Green, RINGO


    Lesley Ann Warren, actress/singer ("Cinderella")

    Lana Turner, actress

    Lize Minelli, singer/actress

    Larry King, Radio/TV personality

    Linda Ronstadt, singer/musician/actress

    Lon Chaney, actor

    That's all the L's I can think of ......... for now!

    Diane :)
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    Hi Kids

    I wanna say you're doing a "L" of a job here. I had the same problem when I first came
    down with CFS, GB. Gained 30 pounds. I was so depressed and confused I didn't even
    know I had gained at all. Now I'm still depressed and confused. The confusion now
    is due to Alz. I have lost a lot of weight though. Thanks to my liquid diet I now
    weigh less than I did in my 20s. Not that anyone cares what I look like. And I
    don't have to care either.

    Diane, I used to have a couple records with Lorne Greene singing. One was a
    Christmas album. He sang the Bonanza theme on another record. Not a bad voice.
    Lot better than mine anyway, LOL.

    Here are a few more "L's" that came to mind.

    Lucille Norman, soprano. Did most of her singing on radio with Gordon MacRae.
    They had a summer program. Used to do operettas or Broadway shows in a
    condensed version. She also made records, was in a few movies, on TV etc.

    Lester Flatt of Flatt and Scruggs. The blue grass musicians. They played the
    theme song on The Beverly Hillbillies. (Lester Flatt should not be confused with
    "Busted Flat in Baton Rouge, Me and Bobby McGee.)

    Lawrence Welk, leader of the most successful of the big bands. He and Guy
    Lombardo were my Dad's favorite. Course it didn't really make much difference.
    He always fell asleep no matter what he had on the TV.

    Lenny Bruce, comic and social critic. A play about him starred Cliff Gorman.
    The movie starred Dustin Hoffman.

    Loula Grace Erdman, Professor and author. Her books about America's
    pioneers were similar to those of Laura Ingalls Wilder.

    Lena Horne, Black singer. She was in lots of MGM musicals, but her numbers
    were cut in the films that were shipped to the South. Despite the times
    in which she lived, she had a very successful career.

    Lily Pons, French opera singer whose career was mainly in the USA. She
    was frequently on the radio, and was very popular with even non opera lovers.
    She made 3 movies. The most successful was "I Dream too Much" with Henry
    Fonda. (Comics joked it should be called "I Scream too Much.)

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    Lynda Carter, actress (TV show: "Wonder Woman")

    Lady Gaga, singer/songwriter

    Liv Tyler, model/actress (daughter of musician Steven Tyler)

    Lisa Marie Presley, singer/songwriter (daughter of Elvis)

    Loni Anderson, actress (TV show: "WKRP in Cincinnati")

    Linda Lavin, actress (TV show: "Alice")

    Whew, there are a lot of "L"s, aren't there???

    This game is fun! :D


    PS: Rock, I didn't know that Bonanza had words to the theme song. I'll have to look for that on youtube! :)
  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Yup, Diane, there are words. "The land we hold is as good as gold, Bonanza. The
    singin' pines are the boundary lines of the Ponderosa ranch." Something like
    that. I think Johnny Cash recorded it too.

    I always liked Linda Lavin. She had a show after "Alice". Played somebody's
    mother and made comments on a local TV show. I liked the show, but it didn't
    last very long.

    Hmmmmmmmm. Maybe it's time for the "M's".

    Martin Milner's obituary was in the news yesterday. Died at age 83 He
    was a teen actor. One of the kids in "Life With Father". Was in lots of films
    and TV shows. Had two hit shows: Route 66 and Adam 12.

    Mary Martin, star of several Broadway shows. I saw her in Hello Dolly!
    back in the 60s. Mother of Larry Hagman mentioned above.

    Maurice Rapf, screenwriter. His father was Harry Rapf, MGM
    producer and one of the big three who ran the place under Louis B Meyer's

    Margaret Mead, anthropologist, author and Professor. Her book
    "Coming of Age in Samoa" made her famous.

    Mack Sennett, the Head of Keystone Studios which was located in my
    present neighborhood a century ago. His films were famous for
    the cops and the bathing beauties. In the 70s the guys what wrote
    Hello Dolly! wrote a musical about "Mack and Mable". Mable was
    Mable Normand, film star and Mack's girlfriend. The original cast album
    had no good songs, and the show was a flop.

    Millicent Martin, English actor and singer. Was in the film Alfie.
    I saw her in theater in Hollywood some decades ago. The program
    said she hadn't been in any movies since Alfie because nobody had
    asked her. Seems like she should have been a big star, but luck
    has a lot to do with it. (Even for those of us not in show biz.)

    Marie Wilson aka My Friend Irma. Used to listen to her radio program
    when I was a kid. I think I read that Martin and Lewis made their first
    film appearance in one of her movies.

    Oops! Gotta go. Household chores are calling. Well, Gordon is anyway.

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    Rock and Diane, All very good choices. We're good!

    Rock, I had never heard of any of Lena Horne's scenes being cut. I saw all the movies that she was in and I lived in Florida, that's the south too! Where did you read that? She has a very distinctive voice. I liked her.

    I have a question about your CFS experience if you don't mind my asking. :) Did any of your doctors ever give you a definite diagnosis of CFS? Only one of mine did but he quit the practice and I never did find another.

    None of my other docs, and there have been many, will even acknowledge it's existence. I did have one other doc, a hospitalist, about 3 years ago, that knew a lot about it. I was in the hospital at the time and he isn't in private practice anymore so seeing him was not an option.
  10. rockgor

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    Hi GB

    I've read about Lena Horne's cut scenes in many books over the years. You'll
    notice that in most of her movies, she is not a character who plays a role in
    the drama. Her songs are independent scenes that can easily be taken out or
    put back in. See Wikipedia.

    Maybe the decision to leave her scenes in the movies you saw in Florida
    was due to a decision by the distributor or by the theater owner.

    When I first read about CFS, I was happy to find out there was a name for
    what I had. Then I was shocked to read that it wasn't a "real" disease, and
    doctors probably would consider you a mental case, etc. Anyway, I never
    used the words CFS when talking to doctors or others. And no one other than
    on this board ever used to words when talking to me. It did seem to me (still
    does) that it's very bad luck to become disabled in middle age, and especially
    bad to be told you can't tell people what you have 'cause they'll think you're a
    malingerer or a hypochondriac.

    I have read some articles over the years that say although CFS does not show up
    on the standard tests, it does show up on others. But they are expensive and many
    labs don't do them.

  11. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    Rock, I truly wish that I'd never let the 'CFS' label be attatched to my medical records. It is a real shame that we can be so ill for so long and have to hide a diagnosis because of ignorance in the medical field.

    Every other condition that I've developed over the years that can be detected by a 'test' is affected by the underlying CFS. The chemical sensitivities and adverse reactions to meds, having to take smaller doses than other people, and so many more things that make it impossible to explain to doctors.

    But, on the other hand, when I say it's due to the CFS, I get the blank stare.

    Do you have a personal theory about what caused your illness? I have wondered about Lyme disease but I cannot find a doctor willing to order tests. (No, there are no LLMD's in my area.) I know some folks think it may be due to the live polio vaccine we had given to us in the late 50's or early 60's, and some believe it's tied to mono.

    Even if I am never any better I still would like to know what this is that has taken away so much of my life and the lives of so many thousands of others. And why is it virtually ignored by so many? Just wondering. :) GB
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    More M's:

    Matt Damon Actor

    Matthew McConaughey Actor

    Matthew Broderick Actor

    Mark W. Clark General , WW II

    Montgomery Clift Actor

    Morgan Freeman Actor

    Morgan Fairchild Actress

    Marsha Mason Actress

    Mary Tyler Moore Actress

    Mary Stuart Queen of Scots

    Melanie Griffin Actress

    Maggie Smith Actress, English

    Mahalia Jackson American gospel singer

    Michael Jackson, Singer The King of Pop
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    Hi GB I finished reading Past Imperfect, Ilka Chase's autobiography. It was
    published during WW II. Like so many autobiographies, it is very vague
    about dates. She almost never tells the reader what year she's talking about.
    She was in several films, on TV and had her own radio show for a while, but she
    hardly talks about these subjects at all. Most of the time she talks about
    her childhood and education, luncheons, travel in Europe, parties, etc. She
    frequently writes essays (or editorials) about manners, or marriage, or food.
    Doesn't say too much about her husbands. She was on number two when she
    wrote the book. Had another one later.

    She was in the original Broadway play The Women. She played the part Roz
    Russell did in the movie. She never mentions the movie.

    Here's a kawinkydink fur ya I was making a list of names starting with "N".
    The first one is Napoleon. When Ilka was college age her mother told her
    she could go to an American school or one in France. She opted for

    "The school was an old chateau, which had once belonged to Josephine de
    Beauharnais before she met up with Mr. Bonaparte of Corsica."


    Diane, hope you feel better soon. More temps in the 90s here. Poor
    Gordon suffers from the heat. Even with our fans and the room A/C.
    I see the weather in Pittsburgh is cooler; even some rain.

  14. gb66

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    Rock, I remembered Ilka Chase from that old tv show, What's My Line. She was on for years. Trying to remember who else was on. Arlene Francis, Dorothy Kilgallen and Bennet Cerf?

    Goimg to try and think of more M's now. GB
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    Marjorie Main Actress (Ma Kettle)

    Marilyn Monroe Actress

    Mamie Van Doren Actress

    Marion Lorne Actress

    Marty Feldman Actor

    Melissa Manchester Singer

    Mia Farrown Actress

    Mel Torme Singer

    Mel Brooks Comedian/Producer

    Mel Blanc Voice Actor/Comic

    Mel Gibson Actor

    Melvyn Douglas Actor

    Madeline Kahn Actress
  16. rockgor

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    Hi BG I remember What's My Line. In addition to Dorothy, Arlene and Bennett
    there would be a guest panelist. I saw an episode on Youtube not long ago where
    the 4th member of the panel was Groucho. He wasn't too interested in playing
    the game, but he tossed out a lot of quips.

    One of my coworkers had worked as a secretary for Groucho. After he died there
    was litigation regarding the estate. She missed several days of work to appear
    at the trial. She never had much to say about Groucho. I think she did office
    work and typing and didn't see him much. She did say his personality matched
    his nickname. He was in his 80s. Maybe he was a bit crotchety.

    Here's another kawinkydink fur ya. Yesterday I was decluttering. Found an
    envelope with articles about music. One of them was on an opera titled Marilyn.
    The soprano who played the title role wore a dress like the famous one in the
    film 7 Year Itch where she stands over a subway grating.

    I found a five minute sample of the music on youtube. It is
    written in the "postmodern" style. In other words, it's kinda like trying to
    read a message written in an alphabet not yet devised. If you want to hear a
    sample on Youtube, search for the music of the composer Lorenzo Ferrero

    OK, I listened to a sample ten minutes ago. Now the Youtube search engine
    can't find it. Oh well, no real need to bother. It's kinda like somebody humming
    high notes that never actually form any sort of melody.

    Of all the "M" people you posted, I only saw one on stage. It was Maggie Smith
    in a play by Noel Coward. Noel thought she was great. Always referred to her
    as "that Smith girl".

  17. ConfusedInPA

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    I thought of a few more M's -----------

    Madonna, singer, actress

    Marie Osmond, singer

    Melissa Gilbert, actress

    Mark Harmon, actor

    Meryl Streep, actress

    Whew ----

    Y'all identified a lot of M's. I had to put my thinking cap on! LOL

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    :cool: :D Mickey and Minnie Mouse. :p. Famous actors!
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  19. rockgor

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    Hi Diane. Hope you are feeling much better.

    Hi BCT Are Mickey and Minnie actors? I always thought they were in one
    of the reality shows.

    Ta Ta

  20. gb66

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    Hi Diane, Yep, we're moving right along with the M's. There are a lot of them. Must be a popular letter. I've always liked names that start with M. Also A is another of my favorites. Glad to see you back. I hope all your guys are well. :) GB
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