Famous Names - An Alphabet Game Vol.5

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    (To add more Q's, please see Vol. 4)

    Beginning the R's:

    Raymon Navarro Actor/Singer

    Roosevelt (Rosey) Greer Football Player/Actor

    Richard Nixon President

    Robert E. Lee Civil War General

    Rise Stevens Opera Singer
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    Hi Kids

    Thanks for opening up the new volume, GB. Sorry you lost your post. Shouldn't
    happen to a dog. Actually, it probably doesn't.

    Here R some R's.

    Richard Burton, famous for his wonderful acting, beautiful baritone, heavy
    drinking and many wives. Despite the fact that he couldn't sing, he played
    King Arthur in the musical Camelot. Also in the cast: Julie Andrews,
    Robert Goulet, and a fellow from our bridge club who took over the part
    of King Pellinore. He said Richard and Julie were very helpful while he
    was learning the role.

    Rhonda Fleming, a beautiful red headed actress who wasn't Lucile Ball.
    She was in lots of movies, had even more marriages than Richard Burton, and
    is still with us at age 92.

    Robert Merrill, Metropolitan Opera baritone (who really wanted to be a
    baseball player). He recorded Carmen with Rise Stevens. My uncle appeared
    with them in a performance of Carmen when the Met was on tour in
    Minneapolis. Uncle Rod was a "super" which is opera talk for what the
    movies call an extra. Two decades later I used to usher in the same theater
    when the Met came to town each spring.

    Rosalynn Carter, First Lady.

    Rachel Carson, marine biologist and author of Silent Spring.

    Ricky Martin, pop singer from Puerto Ricco. Back in the 90s one
    of my coworkers was telling me that she and her older daughter
    were big fans. So I bought two replicas of Ricky's driver's license.
    Told her I got one for her and one for her daughter. She taped both
    of them to her office computer. They were still there when I retired
    several years later.

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    Gee Rock, For a minute there I thought you were calling me a dog! :)

    More R's:

    Robert Stack Actor

    Rachel McAdams Actress

    Reese Witherspoon Actress

    Renee Zellweger Actress

    Ronald Reagan Actor/President

    Rich Little Actor/Comedian

    Robe Lowe Actor

    Ricardo Montalban Actor

    Reba McEntire Country Singer

    Rock Hudson Actor

    Rand Paul Politician

    Rachel Ward Actress
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    Hi GB, I was looking at Rich Little videos on Youtube only yesterday. He was
    amazing. I also watched some young fellow do impersonations. I didn't know
    any of the people he was impersonating, and they all sounded alike anyhoo.

    But I am familiar with all but 2 of the folks you posted. I couldn't remember
    the name of our actor friend, but Gordon did. He was Byron Webster, originally
    from England. He was in lots of films and Broadway shows. Not a star, but
    always busy. His name is on the album cover of "I Can Get It For You Wholesale"
    which I think was Barbara Streisand's first Broadway show. Neither one of
    them was a star at that time.

    One of the sites about actors says Byron was an avid bridge player and often
    played in tournaments. He lived in the San Fernando Valley. We played bridge
    at his house along with some crazy game he taught us called Spite and Malice. I
    never could make any sense out of it.

    As for calling someone a dog, I guess there are worse things. After all "Fido"
    is short for "Fidalis" as in the Marine Corps motto "Semper Fidelis"; always faithful.

    To close on a silly note (a change of pace for me) did you hear about the guy on
    the quiz show who was asked to name the capital of Vermont? He said, "That's an
    easy one. It's 'V'."

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    More R's -----------

    Robin Williams, actor

    Robin Meade, news anchor, Headline News (HLN)

    Randy Travis, singer

    Richard Gere, actor

    Ronnie Milsap, singer

    Robert Redford, actor

    Ringo Starr, singer/songwriter

    Rick Springfield, actor, singer

    Richard Dean Anderson, actor ("MacGyver")

    That's it for now! Lots of R's.........

    Diane :)

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    Rock, Who are the two you haven't heard of? Maybe Renee and Reese?
    Reminds my of another one.

    Rene Auberjonois Actor (Star Trek)

    Rona Barrett Gossip Columnist

    Roma Downey Actress

    Roger Moore Actor

    Ralph Nader Consumer Activist

    Rita Wilson Actress

    Ray Milland Actor

    Ray Charles Musician

    Ray Coniff Musician/Bandleader
  7. rockgor

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    GB, I didn't know the two Rachels you posted. Still don't. I was gonna start the
    esses, but the computer is being recalcitrant, so I guess I'll wait a bit.

  8. rockgor

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    Ok, Kids

    Here we go with some Esses. Due to a strange kawinkydink, they are all Sams.

    Sam Walton, founder of some business or other.

    Sam Clemens aka Mark Twain. Born in 1835, he was still alive when my Dad was
    a toddler. Sam came in and went out with Halley's Comet.

    Sam Beckett, Irish playwright. Author of Waiting for Godot. Worst play I ever
    read. Nevertheless, Sam won a Nobel Prize.

    Sam Goldwyn, movie producer and studio head. Also famous for his numerous
    goofy quotes. A verbal contract is not worth the paper it's written on. TV has
    raised writing to a new low.

    Sam Morse, inventor of the telegraph. Also an excellent painter.

    Sam Colt, about the time Morse was inventing the telegraph, Colt was
    inventing the revolver. His invention was sometimes referred to as the
    great equalizer. It meant that now the fight would not always be won
    by the bigger guy.

    Sam Neil, actor. Star of Jurassic Park, etc.

  9. ConfusedInPA

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    Wow, gosh -- we're up to the Esses already! :)

    Sylvester Stallone, actor

    Spencer Tracy, actor

    Steve Martin -- that "Wild and Crazy Guy!" ---- playing the banjo:

    Sharon Stone, actress

    Susan Sarandon, actress

    Steven Tyler, singer/songwriter

    Sheryl Crow, singer/songwriter

    Sandra Bullock, actress

    Shania Twain, singer

    Samuel L. Jackson, actor

    Shakira, singer

    Sigourney Weaver, actress

    All for now. See ya later, alligators! :p


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    Whee, I haven't been able to log on since some time yesterday. Hubby went in on another computer and changed my password and now it seems to be working ok. I have no idea what happened.

    I had a few more R's to post, then I'll try the S's.

    Roger Maris Baseball Player

    Ryan O'Neal Actor

    Rip Torn Actor

    Rance Howard Actor

    Randolph Scott Actor

    Rick Santorum Politician

    Robert Goulet Singer/Actor

    Ricky Martin Singer
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    More S's:

    Stewart Granger Actor

    Susan Hayward Actress

    Sue Lyons Actress

    Sally Kellerman Actress

    Sally Rand Exoctic Dancer

    Sally Struthers Actress

    Sal Mineo Actor

    Stan Musial Baseball Player

    Stone Phillips Reporter

    Stanley Kubrick Film Director

    Steve Lawrence Singer

    Spike Jones Musician
  12. rockgor

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    Diane, I was wondering if Shania Twain was related to Mark Twain. I guess not
    since Twain was an assumed name for both of them.

    Here are a few more "S" people.

    Samantha Egger, British actor.
    Slim Summerville, character actor. Was in dozens of movies beginning in the silents.


    Susie Parker, famous model back in the 50s when models were not generally famous.
    She went on to do some films and TV.

    Sir Stafford Crips, held many government offices in England. Lord of this and
    Chancellor of that. I heard a radio blooper. The announcer just couldn't manage
    to pronounce his name right.

    Sally Benson, writer. Author of Meet Me in St. Louis.
    Shelley Winters, actress, winner of 2 Oscars.

    Stella Adler, actress who became famous as an acting teacher. She taught
    method acting which insists the actor get in touch with his own feeling so
    he can portray them truthfully. The other side of the coin is that good actors
    need the proper technique. Their personal feelings are irrelevant.

  13. gb66

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    Sammy Snead Professional Golfer

    Sergei Rachmaninoff Pianist and Composer

    Sandy Duncan Actress

    Sandra Burnhard Actress

    Sarah Bernhardt Actress

    Sarah Brightman Singer/Dancer

    Strom Thurman Senator

    Sydney Greenstreet Actor

    Sidney Pontier Actor/Director

    Sid Caesar Actor/Comedian

    Sylvia Sidney Actress

    Spike Jones Musician

    Shirley Jones Actress

    Shirley MacLaine Actress

    Spencer Tracy Actor

    Sacagawea, Shoshone interpreter, Lewis and Clark expedition

    Sigmund Romberg Composer/Musician

    Sally Struthers Actress
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    Any more S's? Please add more if you like.

    I started another thread for the T's. vol. 6.
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