Famous Names - An Alphabet Game

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  1. gb66

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    I hope this will work! Maybe we could post FIRST names of famous people that start with a certain letter of the alphabet; starting with 'A' of course. :)

    Also, in what area they ARE/WERE famous. After we finish the 'A's' , on to the 'B's'!


    Ann Miller - Actress/Dancer

    Abraham Lincoln - President of United States
  2. hangininthere

    hangininthere Well-Known Member

    Abby Dalton - Actress

    Alistair Cooke - British journalist, T.V. host, broadcaster
  3. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    Good idea, GB And as Maria said,

    Let's start at the very beginning
    A very good place to start
    When you read you begin with A-B-C
    When you sing you begin with do-re-mi.

    Included in the movie cast was Angela Cartwright who played Brigitta.

    Alan Ladd, Actor
    Anne Tyler, novelist
    Andrew Carnegie, Industrialist and philanthropist
    Alice the Goon, character in the Popeye strip

    Angelina Jolie, Oscar winning actress
    Abigail Adams, First Lady
    Alan Shepard, the First American in space
    Andy Williams, Crooner



  4. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    Hi to Patti and Rock!

    And on we go:

    Angela Lansbury - Actress

    Audrey Hepburn - Actress

    Ann Southern - Actress

    Andy Griffin - Actor

    Arnold Schwartzenegger - Actor

    Amelia Earhart - Aviator

    Arnold Palmer - Golf Pro

    Alfre Woddard - Actress

    Andy Devine - Actor

    Alexander Hamilton - President

    Amy Carter - First Daughter

    Amy Irving - Actress

    Andrew Young - Politician

    Adam - First man

    Audrey Landers - Actress

    Audra Lindley - Actress
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  5. hangininthere

    hangininthere Well-Known Member

    Angie Dickinson - Actress

    Arte Johnson - Comic actor

    Albert Finney - English actor

    Ann Landers - Advice columnist
  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Two Belas:
    Bela Bartok, Hungarian composer
    Bela Legosi, Hungarian actor

    The Belas were born in the 1880s, one year apart. I read Lugosi's
    biography a few years back. It said the correct pronunciation of
    his name was Bay-lah Loo goh shee. It also said he was very
    unhappy to find himself type cast as a vampire.

    Two Beetles: (sort of)
    Beetle Bailey, cartoon character. Brian Epstein, manager of the Beatles.

    Bertrand Russell, British writer and philosopher; winner of the Nobel Prize.

    Betty Grable, WW II pin up girl. The most popular musical star in the 40s.
    Bonnie Guitar, songwriter and singer. In 1957 she had a hit with Dark Moon.
    So did Gale Storm. (Neither of these charming young ladies used her real name.)



  7. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    Good ones, Rock! Thanks for starting the 'B's.

    Bill Gates - Business magnate, etc.

    Bill Holden - Actor

    Bing Crosby - Singer/actor

    Bob Hope - Actor/comedian

    Bette Davis - Actress

    Bette Midler - Actress

    Barbra Streisand - Singer/actress

    Barbara Stanwyck - Actress

    Barbara Bush - First Lady

    Buddy Ebsen - Actor

    Bruce Willis - Actor

    Brian Williams - News anchor
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  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi GB and Patti, I hope Diane feels better. She posted on the porch that both she
    and her cat Faithy aren't feeling too well. Time to move on to the C's, I guess.

    Claude King, country western singer. Had a million seller hit in the early 6os
    with Wolverton Mountain. There really is such a place; it's in Arkansas.

    Cloris Leachman, actress from Iowa. Won an Oscar and a slew of Emmys.

    Charles Lindbergh, aviator, Lucky Lindy, from Little Falls, Minnesota.

    Conrad Hilton, innkeeper, of Norwegian descent.

    Cheryl Studer, opera singer from Michigan; a Grammy winner; now a music Professor.

    Carol Burnett, comedian and writer.

    Carl Hiaasen, newspaper man and author of comic detective novels.

    Clara Barton, Civil War nurse and founder of the Red Cross.


  9. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    Good ones Rock. Hi to Patti. Diane, feel better soon!

    Carole King - Singer /Composer

    Carolyn Jones - Actress

    Carole Bayer-Sager - Songwriter (one of my favorites)

    Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg - First daughter

    Carl Sagan - Astronomer/Author/Educator

    Carl Reiner - Comedian/Director/Produceer/Actor

    Conway Twitty - Musician/Singer Country

    Cab Calloway - Jazz singer, Band leader

    Connie Francis - Singer

    Cary Grant - Actor

    P.S. Found out today that my soon to be great grandchild is a boy and may be named 'Connor', fits right in with this category! :)

  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi GB

    I kinda thought connor was the name of a bird. I searched. Got Connor Bird, the son of
    Larry Bird, the ballplayer. Turns out it's conure I was looking for. It's a small parrot
    From the New World. I read a book about them some years back called The Wild Parrots
    of Telegraph Hill by Mark Bittner. It was made into a movie. The author plays himself.


    A nice collection of folks you posted. Reminds me of a program Steve Allen had on
    PBS back in the 70s. Famous guests were invited to dinner. The guests included
    historical figures like Emily Dickinson, Mahatma Gandhi, Thomas Paine, Martin
    Luther, Karl Marx, Thomas Jefferson, etc. Never saw it, but it won various awards.

    I saw one of the people on your list back in the 60s. Went to a Harlem Globetrotters
    game. Cab Calloway was entertaining at half time.

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  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, let's see. Shall we have some more "C's"? Here's one who was born
    across the sea: near Paris.

    Claudette Colbert. Won an Oscar for It Happened One Night. Made lots of
    films and lots of money. The right side of her face was known in Hollywood as
    "The Dark Side of the Moon". She refused to let it be photographed. Said she
    had a nose bump from a childhood accident.

    Charles Dickens. Wrote many popular novels. Always gave them a little twist.

    Calamity Jane (nee Martha Jane Canary). A colorful character from the Old
    West. Is buried near Wild Bill Hickock in Deadwoood, South Dakota.

    Carson McCullers, Southern author. Her books have been made into plays
    and movies. Member of the Wedding and The Heart is a Lonely Hunter.

    Carl Jung, psychiatrist and creator of theories about the mind and personality.
    The most famous theoretician in this field after Sigmund Freud with whom he
    sometimes agreed and sometimes not.

    See ya
  12. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    Wasn't there a psychologist or psychiatrist who named his daughter Psyche? The Carl Jung reference made me think of it. I'll be back tomorrow to post some more names. I have to get some rest for a dr. appn't. tomorrow. X-rays for back and neck pain. GB
  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi GB

    Did you have your X rays? They must have seemed like magic when they were
    new. One good thing about them. They're painless. Although I once got
    x rayed at Kaiser. The technician looked like a thug and acted the same. Pushed
    me around on the table like I was a bag of potatoes. I yelled at him. Not that he cared.

    The parrot picture I posted in my post Sunday vanished leaving just an outline
    of a square. I posted a different picture. We'll see if that one will stick around.

    Hope you feel better. When my back is really bad I can't walk. Just kinda limp
    all bent over to the bathroom. Hasn't been that bad for about 2 and a half years
    though. Have a really good chiro. Oh yeah, never heard of the daughter named
    Psyche. I used to have a coworker who was generally regarded as a pyscho though.

  14. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    Good one! Lots of that going around with co-workers.

    I got home from the doctor's about an hour ago. Actually, it did hurt! I can hardly lift my left arm and I had to put it up on top of an x-ray machine.

    They showed degenerative discs in my neck, shoulder, back and more arthritis. I have to go back for 2 MRI's. One for neck, one for shoulder. Something about impinged nerve in shoulder but hopefully not a torn rotator cuff. The MRI will show that.

    She prescribed a pain reliever and wanted to give me muscle relaxers but I didn't want to do both at one time. May pass on the muscle relaxers anyway. I'm not big on medications. She also mentioned a cortizone shot to the shoulder. I was afraid of a med reaction (I have had so many) and it will also raise blood glucose. I have diabetes too.

    I hope to be out of this pain soon. It's been hard to sleep lately. Thanks for the well wishes! :) GB
  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Oh, GB, Sorry to hear the bad news. There should be a limit on how many medical
    problems one can have. Another good alternative plan would be, we are perfectly healthy
    till some reasonable age like 60 or 70. Then just pass away all at once like the wonderful
    one horse shay (by Oliver Wendall Holmes). I have mentioned this last
    concept before. Most people think it's a terrible idea.

    I am reading some books by Loula Grace Erdman that are very similar to the
    Laura Ingalls Wilder books. Both of these authors mention vinegar pie. I
    just posted about it on the porch (in case you're curious). If I had a lot more
    energy, I'd make one myself.

    Hope the doc can help, and you feel better soon.

  16. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Rock. I think it would be great to have a limit on diseases, maybe choices too. :) I would choose hang nails and maybe a hammer toe or two.

    Have you ever read any of the books by Janette Oke? She writes similar pioneer stories. They made tv movies from one of her series. They were great. I think they were produced by Michael Landon.

    I've never heard of vinegar pie! Doesn't sound too appealing though. I use vinegar to clean with, it's good for refreshing the washing machine if it gets stinky. We mix vinegar and baking soda and run the machine through a cycle. Stops odor every time with no chemicals.

  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hei GB

    ("Hei" is not a typo. It's Norskie for "Hi". I hadn't thought about picking a number. I
    guess if I had to choose two problems I'd pick myopia and mild allergies. Had those all
    my life anyway. Back when I was in 6th grade the County Nurse came to the school
    and tested all us 6th graders. It was discovered that I couldn't see well enough to
    read the blackboard. But how could I be an "A" student if I couldn't etc.? I dunno.
    Anyhoo I wore glasses till I had cataract surgery about 20 years ago. Now I only need
    glasses for reading.

    As for Janette Oke, I read her bio. Doesn't sound like my cuppa tea. Or Holy Water.
    But all suggestions welcome and considered. Am currently reading the Daedalus
    catalog looking for possible reads. Found a couple mysteries and one history book
    that I will see if the library has.

    You're right, vinegar pie doesn't sound too tasty, but reports are that it doesn't
    taste like vinegar. I guess it depends on what you add for flavoring e.g., berries,
    maple syrup, lemon, etc. Whenever I smell vinegar it reminds me of dying
    Easter eggs. I think mother enjoyed that more than we kids did.

    I have diabetes too. I nearly died from it several years ago. Gordon insisted on
    taking me to the emergency room even though I kept saying, "No, I'm too tired.
    Let me sleep." My blood surgery was something like 660. Got a shot of insulin
    and spent several hours getting IVs. Sterile water? Anyway something to wash
    the sugar away.

    I didn't even know I had diabetes. My doctor had told me I was pre diabetic and
    given me some pills he said would help me with my blood sugar. Not really
    keeping the patient informed, huh?

    Hope you can get some help with some of your problems. Hugs
  18. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    I didn't know anything about Janette Oke's life, I just liked her stories on the tv series. They're very good.

    I was diagnosed with diabetes 4 years ago but I'm not on any medication. I've been able to control it with a change in eating habits. I east less carbs and limit sweets. I keep it down to about 125. Wow, 660 is really high. GB
  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi GB, You must be really disciplined if you can keep your blood sugar at a reasonable
    level without meds. I quit doing home testing because I couldn't get enough blood to
    test. That was several years ago. I wonder how Diane is doing. And haven't heard
    from Patti for a while. I sent her a note. Hope they are both OK.

    Oops! Gotta help Gordon load the car. He's on his way to an orchid meeting.


    OK, Gordon is on his way. He is taking two orchids: a large vanda with
    dark purple flowers; very dramatic. Also a small paphiopedilum. Some-
    times called slipper orchids. I never knew Minnesota's state flower
    was an orchid till Gordon told me. See below.



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    Hi Rock and GB and All.

    Rock, I saw your message to me on my profile. It can be seen by anyone who looks at my profile, since my profile is set so members can view it. It's not a private message. It's a profile message.

    I sent you a private message a few months ago, but then I saw in one of your posts you said you didn't know how to access them or do it.

    So I'm writing you back here, to your message you sent me today, in case you can't find my reply, haha.

    What a kawinkydink. I was thinking today of posting to you here on the Homebound board, to tell you how to access my private message I sent to you on April 11.

    Then you wrote me today. What a kawinkydink.

    ***For a public profile message, click on someone's username and then in the pop up box, click Profile Page. (That's how you wrote me today).

    ***For a private message, click on someone's username and then in pop up box, click Start a Conversation.

    I've had the blahs and can't put my thoughts into writing. I'm usually like that. Always glad when I can finally write. I haven't been able to email back to my friends properly. Just the blahs.

    I think this time the blahs are from a side effect of the insulin I started taking. I had to start taking it again because I haven't been eating right.

    I found out I can have gluten again, after being off it for ten years. For a few months I went hog wild eating every junk food in sight. Now the payback.

    ***Anyhoo, to find the private message I sent you, hover your mouse arrow over your username that's in the green area on top of any page, then look on the drop down menu that appears. Click on Conversations. Then you'll see my message I sent April 11.

    My sweet neighbors gave me some cherry tomatoes from their garden a couple of weeks ago. Delish. A real treat.

    That's amazing that the Minnesota state flower is an orchid, wow. Pretty pic.

    I couldn't think of any more alphabet celebs. I'm surprised I could think of the one's I did. Because I'm no good at the alphabet games - I couldn't even think of one item in the house for that 'things I see' in the house alphabet game, when we were on each particular letter we were on. Weird.

    It was funny - me and Diane are twins - because for this game, I did exactly like Diane did. I started naming things in my house to try to think of a celeb, and lo and behold it worked. For the A's anyway.

    I was reading some old Dave Berry articles today, and laughing out loud as always, haha. Did his new book come in? Did you like it?

    I love the documentary 'The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill'. It used to be on YouTube, but got taken off.

    Gonna go do the new batch of online crossword puzzles now. It's after midnight and they came in.

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