Famous People with FMS/CFIDS

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    A while ago there was some discussion on this board about identifying famous people with FMS and/or CFIDS. I think I may know of one--or at least someone who may be able to help.

    Several years ago, there was a wonderful TV series called Golden Girls. It's still shown a lot on cable TV. Last night, one of the stations had a "reunion" kind of show, and we watched it. One of the clips they showed was from an episode that I remember well, one in which the character "Dorothy" (portrayed by Beatrice Arthur) gets CFIDS and is treated like dirt by doctors. (As I recall, it was a two-part episode that was highlighted by Dorothy telling off one of the doctors who had dismissed her problems as psychological.)

    During last night's program, it was mentioned that Susan Harris, who produced the show (and has produced other hit shows as well), was responsible for that episode and that she cared about it deeply *because she has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome herself*!

    I don't know what Harris is doing these days, but for a while , she was something of a powerhouse in the TV biz, having been responsible for several hit shows.

    I have no idea how to get in touch with her, but if anybody else on this board has some ideas about that, she may at least be able to help further expand recognition of these conditions.

    --Laura R.M.
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    can anyone help?
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    It's not much help, but I had heard that Cher was dxed a while ago and that Sinead O'Connor recently retired because of the DD.
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