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  1. lavender14

    lavender14 New Member

    I was wondering if anyone else has experience, or been told their ebv is reactivated? Or has taken famvir or any other antivirals for this reason. My reactivation levels are all very high. It's also very expensive.

    Any info would be appreciated!!!!

  2. kmoss55

    kmoss55 New Member

    Sorry, but I can't help you with this.I'll bump it up maybe someone will be abe to help you.

  3. Slayadragon

    Slayadragon New Member

    The Epstein-Barr reactivation is supposed to be indicative of an immune system that has fallen into general disrepair.

    Famvir is supposed to fix the underlying problem by wiping out a whole bunch of viruses (some of them not yet identified). If the immune system starts to work normally, the Epstein-Barr problem should be taken care of.

    Try reading my post "A Strategic Plan for becoming Truly Well" to see if it makes any sense. (I will bump it to the top of the board.) Then I will see if I can answer any questions you might have.
  4. lavender14

    lavender14 New Member

    thanks, where did you get this info from?
  5. lavender14

    lavender14 New Member

    i read your former post. wow very informative. escpecially about getting in better health ( adreanel etc.) before starting AV. I go to the cfs center in ohio. My Nk cells are at 9, and my female hormones are almost non existant. the part about weight loss was enlightening.

    Did you take famvir every day? what dosage?

    thanks again
  6. lavender14

    lavender14 New Member

    I am going to read your post again. If I have any ?'s I will let you know.

    much appreciated.


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