famvir or valtrex for ebv???

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  1. quamijay

    quamijay New Member

    which one is best???
  2. ask2266

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    I started with Famvir, and it worked very well. I had terrible die off, but once I got through it, I was great. Later, I had to add Valtrex to it because I started to backslide a little, so I took a half dose of each. All I had was EBV.
  3. Smurfette17

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    I took Valtrex 4g/daily or 3 months and did not see improvement. Dr. Lerner just switched me to Famvir (same dose) because I was having stomach issues and Valtrex was one of the suspects. I've only taken Famvir for 4 days so I can't tell anything yet.

    I'll likely be adding Valcyte soon, so I won't be able to separate the Famvir effects from the Valcyte effects...
  4. ladybugmandy

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    according to dr. lerner and my own research, both drugs have the same affect on EBV.

    good luck
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