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    hi all,
    have been on famvir for 4-5 months now and have not had a cfs crash, energy levels are a little higher. Last few months i have had increasing aches and pains, if its not my lower back, it decides to attack my neck and traps muscles, sometimes it decides to go for the ribs. when these muscles are tight i am prone to straining them. the other day i had a muscle spasm in my finger and strained it, it swelled up etc. anyway not blaming famvir but could this increase in pain be some time of virus die off causing this. from what i have read people with improvement in energy from antivirals seem to also have improvement in aches and pains, why not me, i feel that its the last thing holding me back. its frustrating the hell out of me.
    If i sit on a bench with no back support for to long my back plays up aarrrggghhhh.

    Got some off my chest, the aaarrrggghhh feels better when a really do it, lol