Fanntasy and others who might be taking Quinine

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    I noticed on a post you made to another member about muscle cramps that you take Quinine.

    Please look at the following link about Quinine. My mother has been taking Quinine for years for leg cramps and has gone almost completely deaf. I read another report from the FDA recently that Quinine should no longer be given for cramps because of this side effect. Please take it seriously and talk to your doctor about it, my mother never knew this was a side effect and niether did her doctor till I pointed it out to her.

    The FDA only recently ruled that it should not be used long term and should only be used for malaria.

    here is the link:

    Linda B
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    as I take a prescription of quinine for arthritis in my neck and shoulder and collarbone. It has been the only thing that has helped. I was in alot of pain before I started taking it. I have to have my eyes checked periodically for it but I would hate to have to stop it. I wonder why I still get it prescribed if it isn't fda approved?
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    Thanx for the info of the Quinine. I did do a lot of looking up. I also checked the dosege and yes the side effects scared the crap out of me, but I desided to break them in half. I took them last fall. When the cold damp weather starts is when I get the cramps. I dont take them all the time, only when the cramps start to flare up. fall and spring. I havent taken them yet this spring, but the cramps have been giving me warning signs that they are coming. If I stick to the lowest dose I can, Im good with that. Sometimes I have to take the side effects from the meds to get relief for the torture. I will question my Rheumy about it tomorrow though, so thanx for the heads up!
    Feel Well, Felicia

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