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    This is a book by Dr Batmanghelidj, and he explains how many diseases are caused by dehydration:- I think this absolutely relates to CFS/FM too.
    Stress in itself, as well as insufficient fluid will cause dehydration of the cells, which the body then protects by coating the cells with cholestrol:- is the beginning of our illness.

    At this time I can only suggest adding Pure unrefined Sea Salt, Flaxseed Oil and an increase in water to help fix this dilemma. Cellfood may also help by increasing cellular oxygen levels, which in theory,should help eradicate toxin levels and intercellular bacterial infection (Mycoplasmas).

    You just gotta read his book.$14.95

    Here is a portion of a long interview between Biser & Dr Batmanghelidj:- starting with a woman`s personal experience on his program.

    “I‘ve had serious health problems my whole life. I had appendicitis when I was fifteen, and when I was nineteen I had a ruptured gallbladder. At age twenty my kidney stopped working and nobody could figure out why; there was no organic cause or disease. It just stopped functioning, and I had to have it removed. I‘ve also had chronic bronchial problems all my life. Just over the past year I had begun to tell my husband that I thought all these problems were due to chronic dehydration.
    I never drank water my whole life. Never. It made me nauseous. I felt that dehydration was the problem, and knew I needed to drink water, but didn‘t know what to do because a person who is completely dehydrated can get ill from drinking lots of water all at once — and that‘s what was happening to me. My body was just not equipped to deal with big doses of water all at once.
    When your article came in the mail, I said “Now I know what to do.” I began to drink water medicinally, just a little bit at a time, but by the clock as if it were medication. I started with half a glass, every half hour or so, and eventually hydrated my body enough so that now I can drink a huge tumbler of water with no problem.
    My main source of water up to that time had been Coca-Cola. I loved Coke, and didn‘t think I could ever give it up, but I‘ve managed to break myself of the habit rather painlessly. I decided that every time I felt the urge to drink a Coke, I would make myself drink a glass of water first, and then have my soda. What happens now is I go to the fridge, take out a can of Coke, then go to the sink and drink a glass of water.
    About 75% of the time I don‘t even open the Coke, because my desire for it is gone. It was water my body wanted the whole time, but it didn‘t know how to tell me.
    Getting adjusted to the water program took a few weeks, because my body didn‘t trust me at first. It had grown accustomed to being chronically dehydrated. But as I kept up with my program and started improving, soon I could feel my body actually beginning to experience thirst. I had never experienced thirst my whole life. It was so funny to actually feel the sensation and say “I‘m thirsty.”
    Before I began this water program, my health was just continuing to go downhill. When you are dehydrated, nutrition and exercise won‘t help you. In fact, a doctor told me about a year and a half ago, “You‘re decompensating.” He was telling me that I was dying and there was nothing I could do about it. Every day, every cell in my body was less able to cope, so my life systems were going down.
    I was bedridden, but now I am up and around. I can drive around, work in my business, design brochures, and study and finish write my Master‘s thesis. It‘s really amazing: what I did just yesterday would have been a month‘s activity before the water program - - and that‘s when I was feeling good! I owe you a lot.
    It has been about six months now, and wonderful changes are still happening. For example, I‘ve experienced a gradual weight loss of about a half a pound a week. And the benefits keep on coming.

    (We now resume our interview with Dr. Batmanghelidj)

    “I think certain parts of the brain draw most of their energy from water.”
    BISER: How important a source of energy is hydrolysis?
    BATMANGHELIDJ: I think certain parts of the brain draw most of their energy from water. Neurotransmission is heavily dependent on energy from water.What occurs along the nerves is an exchange of charged minerals, called cations. Cation exchange gets its energy from water.
    Water affects nerve transmission in one other way too. There seem to exist small waterways or micro-streams along the length of nerves that float the packaged materials along biological structures called “microtubules.” These waterways transport the products manufactured in the brain to their destinations in the nerve endings.

    “Whenever you become dehydrated, your cells die.”
    BISER: It‘s pretty amazing. I had no idea.
    BATMANGHELIDJ: Most people don‘t, especially doctors.
    Another amazing discovery is that water actually holds your cells together. It forms a natural molecular structure and maintains the integrity of your cells.
    BISER: How is water holding the cells together?
    BATMANGHELIDJ: Water keeps the cell membrane together. You know how ice becomes sticky. If you hold ice, it sticks to your fingers. Well, water has the same property inside the membrane of your cells, it sticks things together.
    Water in a certain shape and form does that. Water becomes a sheet of what are called “hydronium” ions.
    BISER: What is the hydronium ion, three atoms of hydrogen moving together?
    BATMANGHELIDJ: It‘s H30+. In certain areas of the body, that is how water functions. It is very sticky. In this way, water becomes an adhesive material that bonds the cells together.
    Finally, the proteins and the enzymes of the body function more efficiently in solutions of lower viscosity. [Editor: viscosity is a measure of “stickiness.”]
    In solutions of higher viscosity (more stickiness) — in a dehydrated state — the proteins and enzymes become less efficient.
    So it doesn‘t surprise me at all that Mr. Clevenger, or anyone else, would have a lot more energy when the water intake is high enough. The human body is composed of 25% solid matter and 75% water. The brain tissue is said to consist of 85% water.
    BISER: Have you ever had a case of extreme exhaustion that was helped by water, or is it just theoretical?
    BATMANGHELIDJ: Absolutely. A Mr. Lopez contacted me after reading my book. He is a counselor on drug addiction. He was very excited, and called me and informed me of the results he was getting.
    He told me about people who would come out of
    the rehab program and they would be exhausted, tired, fatigued, and often that is the first step backward; they go back to the coffee and again back to the drugs, and so on.
    He said, “I tested this on a number of rehab cases and they all felt the energy. They didn‘t feel fatigue, they didn‘t feel tired, they were very happy with the whole program.”

    “You need to drink one half hour before meals to make sure that your body does not have to withdraw water from other organs to produce digestive juices for the stomach.”
    BISER: How much water should a person drink a day?
    BATMANGHELIDJ: A minimum of 6-8 glasses a day, more if you drink any caffeinated beverages, and more if you are a much heavier than normal person, such as a football player.
    Naturally, because of your increased intake of water, you will notice increased urine production. This can cause a loss of salt and water-soluble vitamins. You may need to increase your vitamin intake from foods or supplements.
    If you develop cramps, you should assume that the salt in your diet is not sufficient for your body‘s needs. You should add some salt to your diet, as long as you stick to taking more water.
    Your body requires salt to retain the water. Otherwise, the water will pass through too quickly. One woman I heard of drank plenty of water and still had high blood pressure, because she refused to take any salt. She was too frightened from all the misinformation she had heard.
    Unfortunately, the health movement is fanatically against salt, which can make it impossible to cure dehydration. I saw one woman with asthma who was drinking water, but who did not get a lasting cure until she started taking some salt.
    I must add several precautions: People who are on medication should not cut off their medication abruptly. They should begin to drink water and then, consult with a medical doctor to tail off the medication.
    People who have heart or kidney problems should consult with a medical doctor before increasing water intake. Under their doctor‘s care, they should increase water gradually, and should not cut medication without the consent of their physician.
    BISER: What if you forget to drink before meals?
    BATMANGHELIDJ: You don‘t forget. If you must, drink your water and then wait a few minutes before eating.
    BISER: Is tap water okay?
    BATMANGHELIDJ: It‘s just fine. If your readers are worried about the chlorine, they should just let the water sit in a pitcher for 30 minutes, and chlorine will evaporate.
    BISER: Isn‘t dehydration something that just occurs in summer?
    BATMANGHELIDJ: No, not at all. It can occur in winter or anytime of year.We are constantly dehydrated. Inside our bodies is a marine environment. It needs water.
    And it is always losing water.
    When there is dehydration, 66% of the water is lost from the cells. 26% from the extra-cellular fluid, and an 8% reduction in blood vessel volume to prevent empty spaces from forming where water used to be.
    BISER: What do fellow physicians say when you tell them you have cured asthma with water?
    BATMANGHELIDJ: They don‘t believe me. I sent my findings on the whole water topic to the AMA. In fact, I sent my findings complete with scientific backup to every member of the AMA Board — that‘s 24 different people — and I got only a perfunctory “thank you for your letter” response.
    I think the AMA should be taken to account for purposely choosing to look the other way and ignoring this information. They are treating thirst with drugs.
    While they and doctors around the world ignore it, the people go on suffering. The medications do not cure them. They live in fear.
    I remember when I was at a party in the South of France. Another guest in his fifties was a chronic asthma sufferer. It was embarrassing to be around him, because he was trying to put his food in his mouth and he was having so much trouble breathing.
    I told him to put his food down and forced him to drink three glasses of water. Gradually, his breathing become less labored. He was 50% better instantly after drinking the three glasses of water. I met him three weeks later and he had improved 75%.
    If I had not met him, he would go on suffering the rest of his life, when the God-given cure is only a few steps away and costs nothing. That‘s why I am working so hard. This information has got to get out. I didn‘t invent water. Nor do I sell it. And I don‘t have shares in any water company. I just want people to stop suffering.
    BISER: Your work could put a lot of drug companies out of business.
    BATMANGHELIDJ: I don‘t think they have any right to be in business treating dehydration with medication.
    There are certain drugs which are essential to better life and better health. I have nothing against them. But these drugs that are being used to treat dehydration disorders, I don‘t prescribe them.
    I know they are not helping the patient. The patient is continuing to remain dehydrated; he will not know that he is dehydrated and he will die from that dehydration.

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    Saw it at the Water Cure site..I know it is a big part of my problem..I put my list of supplements (although, boring) on Skychomper's post...Has your sinus symptoms continued to be much less with Cytolog?

    Have a great day!
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    Will look that up and get back to you.

    As for the Sinus, - what sinus! Forgot we had that problem.... Yes completely gone.

    Love Pat.
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    Two years ago, have been telling everyone here to drink half their body weight in water every day including the sea salt ever since it helped me.

    He also has a new book out, which seems to be easier to navigate, its called;

    'You are not Sick, YOUR'RE THRISTY! This one has an index and is easier to get to the different subjects.

    His other two books are;

    'Your Body's Many Cries For Water'

    'How to deal with BACK PAIN & Rheuatoid JOINT PAIN' all by F. Batmanghelidj.

    As to my knowledge that is all the books he has in print. All are great.

    I have very little sinus, and allergy attacks anymore, and no headaches to talk about since starting the Watercure.

    It does work, at least it did for me.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Gee i`m going to be busy (with my nose in these books) Shan`t be getting much housework done, - everyone`s going to have to fend for themselves...

    Love Pat.
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    you are always finding something. I read what you say, but can't do a lot of it because of BP problems etc, but also because we do not have a lot of our supplemnts back as yet. Don't know what the hold up is since G/ment stopped their manufacture after the scare, but we still have to wait. As for the water. I will try and increase my intake but I already go through umpteen pair of nickers per 24 hours because of the sudden need to go. Thanks. Love Ozgran
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    I stopped drinking sugar loaded caffiene drinks a few days ago. Increased my water intake. Drinking juice more too. So this info came at a great time!

    It wasn't as hard as I thought.. To stop drinking the soda drinks. Sometimes though it is hard right now to drink that much water at a time.. So the info on drinking a little at a time, building the body up to it, and used to it.. That helped alot.

    The swelling in my legs.. Its not as bad now, see a great improvement with that.

    Seasalt? Like where and how do I get that and use it?

    I think some people have to be ready for this. I would've read it a couple months ago.. And shrugged it off.
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    Its wild too, that when I was going to a chiro a year ago or so.. That he said I wasn't getting enough water, he could tell by the way my back and neck sounded when he did adjustments/cracking. Instead of cracking.. it sounded more like crunching.

    Editing to add more stuff I noticed..

    I also noticed since drinking more water. I don't have as much of a bladder control problem. Nor the painful bladder troubles I used to experience. It would come and go. I would have to use maxi-pads to catch the dripping. Sort of incontinence I guess.. Hope the drinking water helps that too! I go alot now, but no accidents in between.

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