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    Hi, Jacqui,

    Thanks for yr reply on the other thread. I've just finished an Access course, and can thoroughly recommend it - hard work, but well worth it! It was hearing about all those that 'slip through the net' that first inspired me to try and become an EdPsych. So I really would encourage you to do all you can to 'make a difference', too:)

    (I had written a real long post to you, but my computer went and crashed just as I was finishing and I lost the lot! So this is a v short version - probably just as well :)

    My lad was about 10/11 when he was finally dx'd with AS; was dx'd with ADHD last Christmas, beem on Ritalin/Concerta since and hasn't looked back. Now able to concentrate (on the right things!) and much more awareof what's going on. Still has AS symptoms, though, but much easier to deal with.

    Hope your counselling course goes well. Let me know how you get on.

    Bye for now
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    I only wrote this about 16 hrs ago and it's nearly at the bottom of page 3 already!! This place is like Piccadilly Circus now:)

    Are there many more of us, or are we all just posting lots more? I would rather the second, bec I hate to thinkof others being in the same boat, but I rather suspect the first. If so, a really warm welcome to all 'newbles':) (Providing of course that you're not heat intolerant - in that case, just a quick 'hi':)
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    half way down page 2 again - you can't leave this place for a second!
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    Is a bit like being on a motorway here!

    My son was dx with AS toward the end of last year, his whole school life has been hell for both of us, he also has lots of FM symptoms but the psyc told me they are all normal with AS too. Maybe we all have that too,LOL!
    A few years ago I spoke to his pede about his symptoms of FM, she yelled at me not to be so ridiculas, children don't get FM and he was just mimicking my symptoms and this is very commen in children who have parents with chronic illnesses, I was ssssssteaming.
    I told her, Don't try that crap with me lady I've had FM all my life, he's only only known about my illness for about six month cos I've always hidden it fron him cos he's a little worry wort, and if he's mimicking me how come he's having the symptoms I used to have at the same age he is now, not the ones I am acctually having now! She oppologised for the way she spoke to me but still insisted children don't get it, I told her she should stop basing her practice just on medical jaurnals and listen to the kids, with that we parted company. I'm such a radical sometimes, my husband gets so embarrest.
    I've been sooo looking forward to starting my new course but now I'm in a flare, emotionally drained, and tooo angry for words, my traumatic childhood has yet again jumped up and bit me in the A**, My abuser is gonna be released without any licence conditions, "justice does it exist?"
    I wish I could find a way to totally wipe it from my memory so that events in his life wouldn't have a knock on effect in mine. I'll probably calm down in a few days!
    Anyway it's nice taking to you, SOOO SORRY about the winge!

    Speak later,
    Love & Light,