FAO UKers if the Lightening Process did NOT work for you

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  1. tansy

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    Please repost

    I'd like to hear from anyone with ME who had tried LP and found very definitely that it did not work for them - to go on a possible network radio show, in the near future.

    The format would be Phil Parker and someone who has successfully tried their "cure" v Charles Shepherd and a PWME definitely feeling disgruntled after being failed by LP. Phil Parker and Charles to go on at the same time, with the item moderated by the show's presenter.

    The PWME's views could be recorded at home if ill-health prevents attendance in the studio. I don't want to hear from people who just have strong negative opinions about this approach; personal experience of it is an absolute pre-requisite. And they must be negative!

    Status of the event: being actively pursued by a researcher at the station, who is following up a lead from the LP PR person.

    Please use this email link to reach me: tbritton02@...


    Tony Britton
    ME Association
  2. gapsych

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    This sounds very interesting!!!

  3. zoster

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    Hi Tansy,

    Thanks for posting this, the "status" part is interesting, in that it sounds as though the radio show has been prompted by Lightning process PR person.

    Marketing Ploy? or is that just me being negative - LOL!

    I'm trying to stay open minded........!

    Does this mean that Charles Shepherd doesn't agree with the LP as an effective treatment for ME by speaking versus Phil Parker?

    Would be interested if you hear when the slot for the LP bit is Tansy.

    Take care
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  4. tansy

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    The programme came about following enthusiasm for the LP; Charles Shepherd does not support this Tx for ME. At least this time there should be some balance.

    Esther Rantzen recently commented on LP in the media saying it cured her daughter of Chronic Fatigue; we were pleased to see that on this occassion at least it was not being promoted as a cure for ME. LP does seem to be getting a lot of publicity these days.

    I don't know when the programme will be broadcast.
    tc, Tansy
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