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    Paul 1950 posted about faster eft helping with illness. I don't know if it can do that. However, I tried it on some emotional issues and problems I was having, one in particular I just felt stuck, could not move forward, and the faster eft really helped. I was seeing a counselor and talked to her about it all and she was impressed with the progress I had made with the faster eft.

    I tried regular eft some years ago but it was a little complicated, more difficult to do and I don't think as effective. This technique is very simple. No, I can't explain it in a few words. It's best to watch a video - there's a couple hundred out there. Here's a couple of good ones:

    Also you can just google "faster eft" or go to fastereft.com. It's free! and of course you can pay someone to do it with you, but you can also get good results by yourself.

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    I can't take EFT seriously. I think it is absolute nonsense, and downright dangerous, to suggest to someone who has a life threatening condition such as a peanut allergy that doing EFT will get rid of the allergy. Someone is going to die listening to this nut (no pun intended). I can see that for emotional problems then it could possibly be helpful, but not for medical conditions with a physical cause.
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    No, I wouldn't suggest that someone with a life-threatening condition such as a deadly peanut allergy use this to clear the allergy. I think you have to use common as sense, as with everything. But it was amazingly effective on an emotional issue which had me totally stuck.

    For the heck of it I will try it on some physical issues. But don't worry - if I was bleeding to death or had a broken leg, I wouldn't just sit there and do eft ..... and no way am I going to stop doing everything else I can trying to regain my health. This would just be an adjunct - it couldn't hurt.

    One point I was trying to make is that the faster eft really is faster, and I think more effective than the original eft, on an emotional issue I had great difficulty with. It was also very easy to do. It was very surprising - I think my counselor was surprised too.

    Perhaps one reason I am more open-minded re faster eft is the experience I had with EMDR several years ago. This is a therapeutic technique which has had great success in helping people resolve issues related to trauma. It is endorsed by the Veterans Administration for treatment of war veterans with PTSD. It's been used very successfully with hurricane survivors and rape victims. It helped me enormously with issues related to childhood trauma, after years of regular talk therapy which did very little. You can google EMDR for more info. But to see someone doing EMDR (which involves eye movement or other things which alternately stimulate the opposing sides of the brain), many people would just say it was nonsense, which is too bad.

    I can't really compare the faster eft and EMDR, I don't know enough, and I'm just experimenting right now.

    I totally agree that for many health issues, faster eft is not the answer. But there is a mind-body connection for certain things - and I don't know what specific illnesses those would be - but if there is an emotional component to an illness, then I think the faster eft could be useful there.

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    Interesting, Jam. I haven't done tapping for a long time, have just started this new form which I find easier and simpler. Anyways, glad to hear it helps you!

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    Okay, I've read about tapping over the thymus and thyroid area etc. I think that's different (although similar in some ways) to eft.

    It sounds like a very good way to start your day!

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    Right.. I understand that Jam.. I guess it seems logical to me..that if one takes the iodine and then the ARmour or Syn.. the dosage would be lowered because of the Iodine is helping.. so guess it would be something that needed to be checked more often.. My dosage of the Syn.. has been the same for at least 5 yrs or more..
    Thanks again for your help!.. I appreciate it..