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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by hormonal, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. hormonal

    hormonal New Member

    it shows how juicing can be what your body needs. People don't realize that the processed foods they are eating have no nutritional value, I watched it and I am gearing up to do the fast of juicing. I need to lose 40-50 lbs. I am not on any medications and I want to nip that in the bud. I also gave up exercise a year ago and I gained 25 lbs.
  2. inbetweendays

    inbetweendays New Member

    I think people need to be careful with this illness and just jumping into a juice fast--i know people who fainted and fell, and a host of other things....you kind of have to build yourself up first.
  3. sascha

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    i've gotten out my veg. juicer and am juicing a number of times a week. i had veg juice for breakfast this morning. (well i also had a burger in gluten-free english muffin). my system just loves the veg juice. feels like it's instantly doing me good.

    it is a good move for your health to do this, i am sure. please write about it if you do an exclusive juice fast. i don't think i'm up to doing that. i'd be very interested to know how it goes for you.

    i stock up on kale, swiss chard, parsley, celery, cucumbers (organic when i can find them--otherwise i peel them before juicing). sometimes i put in tomatoes; sometimes a few pieces of apple. it's just full of vitality. i get everything possible organic.

    also i've been keeping all the veg bits leftover that go into a special container as i juice. i put them in plastic zip-lock sort of bags- flatten them out and freeze them. then i put the veg bits into things i'm cooking. i cook them up a bit first- can put them in omelets, or spaghetti sauce. but my favorite way to use the bits is to put them frozen into yogurt drinks. i have one of those almost every day for my dinner. non-fat organic yogurt, some almond milk,, a little stevia to sweeten it--frozen berries (strawberries, blueberries, sometimes raspberries), half a banana,, sometimes half an apple, AND i break off a chunk of frozen veg bits. makes a very satisfying smoothie. oh, i also put water in to thin it- makes a great great blender drink.

    keep in touch- i'll look for your posts. best, sascha

  4. inbetweendays

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    I attended a talk by a holistic nutritionist at whole foods--she is very into --a day or two or three of juice fasting. The easiest one she suggested --is eat brown rice and vegetable juice all day long. i was starving by the end of the day but it helped. then i decided to do just a juice fast--and by 12 no0n--i began to get the worst detox symptoms--chills like nobodies business, headaches, naseua--i have lost my abiity to spell,...the fog.....

    I think that means your really toxic. i buy a powdered green drink and mix it with distilled water,,,,,good stuff....i want to juice with my jack lalane juicer but it is too much work--im getting tired just thinking about it.....another doctor suggested the masters cleanse was excellent for people with fibro.
  5. sascha

    sascha Member

    for me, with cfids, i think a 60 day veg juice fast would be too much. i poop out so easily- fall into crash- i think a more gradual approach would be better for me. and maybe for you???

    for years i did not exercise- could not exercise- but because of various events i can now exercise a bit when i'm in relatively good stretches. i seem to be getting some up times- not 100% restored- nothing like that- but i can do some careful floor stretches and strengthening moves. i don't go all out. i pace myself. but i find i am building up strength over time.

    i am convinced that the de-conditioning we with fibro and cfids go through makes us MORE susceptible to bad effects of our diseases. when i can't manage to exercise, it's disheartening, but i wait for period to come again, and it seems to always come again, when i CAN do some exercising. i'm building on it as best i can and feel over-joyed when i can manage it.

    every bit helps so much! good luck- sascha
  6. inbetweendays

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    You see with the fasting--it is cleansing the liver and digestive organs and giving them a break--this is one of the reasons to cleanse and fast--and also cleaning out the colon. there is also a therapy called gerson therapy that people have told me has saved their lives from illness....another reason to cleanse is to address signs of toxicity---here are some of the signs i was taught--

    increased mucous production
    bad breath
    body odor
    dark circles
  7. Juloo

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    As far as fasting, I didn't do a strict fast - I juiced a couple times a day then ate a small version of whatever we were having for dinner. I lost 30 lbs [from the last week of July to the second week of October] and have kept within a couple pounds of that for two months now.

    As a result of juicing, I no longer eat carbohydrates (at least those like bread, cereal or pasta) on a regular basis. I don't even buy bread or cereal for myself any more. Now if I have something like a cinnamon roll or a slice of cake, it feels like someone slipped me codeine or something -- like my head is all fuzzy and floaty.

    I'm very pleased with juicing and am continuing as needed. I'd like to lose another 40-50 lbs next year. Besides, I got some serious respect from my husband, because he is not terribly enamoured with the taste of any of the juices I make -- mostly it's just a combination of whatever I have plus a granny smith apple. I need that tartness!
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  8. gb66

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    Make sure that your blood sugar does not run high before drinking a lot of juice, especially fruit juice. If you've not done a fasting blood sugar test at the doctor's recently, be careful. You may become hypoclycemic. GB

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