Father Cutie - May Want to Marry

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    Hi All,

    I watched a short segment on Good Morning America a few minutes ago about a popular priest in Florida who may want to marry. The ABC news article online starts out:

    Father Alberto Cutie, known as "Padre Oprah," the nationally known Spanish language television host, advice columnist and bestselling author of the book "Real Life, Real Love," is creating quite a stir as he appears to be getting a dose of real love himself.

    For anybody interested, here's the link to the ABC article:


    Any google search using Father Cutie will also give you a lot more information.

    I'm posting this because it sounds like what's going on will spark much discussion about whether priests should be allowed to marry. Something that's been discussed recently on this board.

    I'm neutral on the subject as I don't have any kind of compelling interest in any of the major organized religions of today. Just thought I'd post this for those who do have an interest.

    Best to All, Wayne
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    Hi Jam, Hi Rainbow,

    Jam, I think the tradition of celibacy in the Catholic Church for Popes and priests has only been around for about a 1,000 years. Before that, they were both able to marry. My understanding is that this changed because of the concern by church officials that too much church property was being inherited by the familes of these priests. My understanding is pretty sketchy, so I wouldn't want to be quoted on this.

    I predict that a hundred years from now gay marriage will be so widely accepted that people will look back at these current times and wonder what the big deal was. Similarly, I believe that eventually the Catholic Church will relent and allow priests to marry. I suspect they will do so as a matter of survival. As you said Rain, there just aren't enough priests and nuns to handle even today's needs.

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    Several interesting things about his situation:that celibacy is has only been required of priests for the last 800 years, that the first Pope, Peter, was married, and that the oath of celibacy is given to a Bishop and no one else.

    I also believe that other groups of Catholics , not Roman Catholics, allow their priests to marry.

    I can understand that this is voluntary and that it could be argued that this is required for deep and total devotion without the distractions of a family.

    I believe the hurtful part to the church is that less and less people are willing to give up that kind of love and life, and that some priests who want to love, do so prior to relinquishing their vows.

    I had two wonderful professors in grad school, one who had been a nun, and one a priest. They were married but had relinquished their vows before they fell in love. They were very happy and taught at a Catholic university.

    To each his or her own I think, but keep it above board.

    All of you who are more informed about this please feel free to correct any of my mistakes about this and please set me straight about the facts.

    Oh and a little about Black people in the Catholic church; there is a beautiful little church in a tiny (pop less than 100) town south of me that has a Black woman Saint from Poland as it's patron Saint. There is a large painting of her there that looks very old. I love to go there, I am usually the only person around.

    love to all