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    Hi everyone. I have been off and on for awhile but i have been reading the posts. For the people who know me on the board "Mikie" I am doing better. I was diagnosed 4 yrs ago with cfs, fibro, heavy metal toxicity etc...
    In reference to the fatigue that is horrible for all of us.
    It just takes what little bit of life out of you. I have found that I must set limits on myself or I go straight into a relapse. I have yet to accept this and I do it over andover again. However, I have been a patient of Dr. Cheneys for 11/2 yrs and on his treatment plan. Along with his protocal I have been doing color puncture treatments for approx. 7 months now and have found that it gives me energy. It is very helpful now and I am learning to do some of the treatments myself since I bought the color pens from Germany. You can learn about this on colorpuncture (Edited to remove URL) by Dr. Peter Mandel from Germany. It is widspread in Europe and I am so grateful for this now.
    This if fyi for anyone interested in this. I try just about anything that will take this fatigue away. I learned to deal with the pain with Ultram which you have to be careful with because it raises the liver enzymes. We are all in this journey together and must try to stay positive and help eachother whatever it takes. Hopefully in the next year there will be new things and medications for us to take according to cheney. Hugs Kathy
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    Hi! I am very interested in the color puncture treatments. How exactly do they work? Can anyone buy the color pens and do the treatment therapy to themselves? I have terrible fatigue. I would like to have just a little bit of energy to face the day. If this helps you, I am open to try anything!! How much do the color pens cost?? I have tried everything and all I want to do is sleep. I am desperate for any kind of help at this point.
    Thanks, Vicky
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    Are you still living at the beach? I hear the firemen have been putting on their annual show. It's just too much hassle this time of year for me to drive over the bridge in all that traffic. I have gone down early in the morning just to walk on the beach, but lately, I've not had the energy for that.

    Hope this new therapy helps you. I'm going to look at the info on it. Take care.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi, what are color puncture treatments? I have never heard about them, but I am very interested.
    Thanks so much. I am learning a great deal of info from this site. Thanks everyone.