Fatigue , how bad can it be? question

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tandy, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. tandy

    tandy New Member

    My fatigue is so bad at times that I feel out of breath.

    Its alot of effort just to do anything.

    I sometimes feel like I'm not getting in enough air.
    This is only when my fatigue and or pain is really bad.(Flare)
    Other days its not as bad.

    Does this sound like any of you?

    Its 7pm and I'm ready for bed!!

  2. Michelle_NZ

    Michelle_NZ New Member

    I've had times when its so bad I cant shower for the day, and even sitting on the couch is too tiring. I've had trouble lifting my fork to my mouth. And too exhausted to even talk.

    I hate that feeling you get when you know you are about to crash. Like when you are out - maybe the supermarket, and you dont know if you can even make it back to your car - and then you dont know if you will be able to drive home.

    Take care
  3. luvnewcomb

    luvnewcomb New Member

    that just won't go away.

    I do have the same feeling that I can't get enough air I'm so tired. It hurts to breath.

    Even making a sandwich and eating can be too much some days (well, most days).

    I've never felt such exhaustion in my entire life. If it was just the pain, maybe I could handle it better, but I think the pain causes the fatigue, which causes the pain, which is just such a vicious circle.

    If someone could make just one thing better on me, I'd choose getting rid of the fatigue.
  4. Shannonsparkles

    Shannonsparkles New Member

    This is how bad it can be:

    20 days unable to bathe.

    5 hours lying on the floor, hungry, unable to get up.

    Breathing is tiring.

    Talking is impossible.

    You want to hug your family, but you are unable to communicate your desire to them.

    Not able to read.

    No vacations.

    Not able to listen to music.

    Not able to watch TV.

    Not able to have visitors.

    Falling to the floor in exhaustion on the walk from the couch to the kitchen. Then taking 40 minutes to drag yourself, through a pool of your own tears, onto the carpet where you will at least be warmer until you can rise.

    Lying on the couch is too tiring. One must lie flat on the floor.

    Having a new object in the room causes brain activity, so one has to look away.

    Thoughts drift. Indecision.

    You lose yourself.

    You can't go out.

    You can't get dressed.

    You can't turn to look out the window when you hear children playing and want to see them.

    The fluidity of others' movements amazes you.

    You count your breaths. You count your heartbeats.

    You lift a wrist to search for a pulse. Then you check the other wrist just to be sure.

    This is how bad fatigue can be, in my own experience. It's not always this bad. But it can take away everything.
  5. Mgoblue201

    Mgoblue201 New Member

    It depends on a lot of different factors. At my worst I have a real tough time functioning on any sort of level. I just have absolutely no desire to do anything besides sit or lay down. It takes a lot of focus and energy just to type and communicate what is inside my head, let alone actually speaking to somebody, which I can usually only do on simple terms if I don't want to take huge pauses just to think of what I'm going to say.

    Normally I can function on a somewhat reasonable level. I can ride my bike and lift weights. I can't run for very long. If I play a sport that requires a lot of physical activity I can only last a few minutes before I'm worn out. I can usually communicate what I want to say, but I'm prone to forgetting things or mixing things up, stuttering a lot, but when it comes to deeper communication such as reasoning something through, communicating feelings, or even having a worthwhile conversation, I just can't do it like most people can. I can go out and do things, but there will come a point where I'm so exhausted I just want to rest, and I don't feel like talking. Even walking too much during the course of a day can wear me out. When I push myself too hard I can have pretty bad flair ups. Stomach cramps. Nausea. Muscles tighten up. Exhaustion. Head aches. Have trouble breathing.

    I probably don't get hit by it quite as bad as a lot of people do. I can at least fake having a normal life at times. The problem is I usually suffer for it later.

    shannon, I know what you mean about the heartbeat and pulse thing. Sometimes I check them just to make sure my entire body won't give out.[This Message was Edited on 09/01/2006]
  6. mamagood

    mamagood New Member

    Right now I'm experiencing such fatigue that I fall asleep while driving. The only recourse I have if I'm on my way to work is to stop and get a coffee. I came home the other day and napped for 1 hour and felt better.

    I don't feel others understand unless they've felt the same way. It's very scary knowing that you are so fatigued that you can fall asleep when driving.

    My Fibro was in remission for so long that I forgot what the pain and sleep problems could do to me. It's been very active since the beginning of summer. I push myself too much and that stresses my body. So I'm starting to pace myself and realize that if I don't get everything done in the same day it'll surely be waiting for me tomorrow and the day after .....................

    Hope this helps you know that others care.


    [This Message was Edited on 09/01/2006]

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