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    "The idea that Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) is a 'fatiguing' illness is NOT based on fact: 'chronic fatigue' was NOT actually associated with the illness at all UNTIL ITS NAME WAS CHANGED to 'CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME' (CFS) in 1988 by a group of financially/politically motivated and poorly informed 'scientists' who wished to avoid the financial responsibiity that such a large group of severely ill people would bring to both the government and the medical insurance industry.

    In reality ME/ICD-CFS can occur in epidemic or sporadic forms and can be extermely severe - in some cases it is fatal.

    People who have ME/ICD-CFS are NOT tired, they are EXTREMELY ILL and have gone without access to the basic services which they so desperately need for far too long because of the 'fatigue' lie, and corporate greed.

    Please help to support ME/ICD-CFS suffers' in their fight for justice and help to spread the word that ME/CFS WHO ICD-10 93.3 is NOT fatigue."

    *WHO = World Health Organization ICD = International Classification of Diseases

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    I have tried saying on this board that ME and CFS are NOT the same thing but I've gotten several posts stating that it is. Noone dies of CFS, they do of ME. There is no test for CFS, there is for ME. The drs are helping to confuse the situation by calling ME as CFS.
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    However CFS is NOT the same as CFIDS. And this is where the problem of the name comes in. CFIDS is Chronic Immune Dysfunction. It is the same as ME. CFS is used to label people who have plain old fatigue and usually have nothing more. There is a huge difference. And plain CFS is what the shrinks always used to classify depressed people. This is where all the problems with the name stem from. The word fatigue never should have been used for people who have Chronic Immune Dysfunction. Although we are lacking in energy, it should not be part of the name. And over the years, everyone seems to have lost the Chronic Immune Dysfunction title and only are given a CFS title because doctors are not aware of the difference. I never had a plain CFS diagnosis. My official diagnosis is CFIDS, Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction. And I'm a classic case of ME.
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    what is the test for m.e.?
    i hear ya about the b.s. if cdc; i read oslers web
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    There is no recognized medical test. There isn't one for "CFS" or FMS or migraines, etc. either.

    To learn more about M.E. I suggest checking out websites out of Canada.
    There's the Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Assocation of Ontario (meao-cfs.on.ca).
    Also the Nightingale Research Foundation (nightingale.ca)
    Another site is the National ME/FM Action Network (mefmaction.net).

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    not sure but I read there was a test for ME.

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