Fatigue so bad & Muscle weakness

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by catnip51, May 15, 2003.

  1. catnip51

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    With all the other stuff I've had going on this past year, fatigue has been so bad and it just comes and goes through the day. At some point I'm moveable and then all of a sudden I just have to lay down or I'll fall down. Does anyone get this way and also very bad muscle weakness all over, arms, legs like your just dying or something. I have had fibro for many years but not this fatigue thing, it started about a year and a half ago and it getting worse and the muscle weakness is horrible when it hits. Hope to hear some responses. I've had so many test this year, i'm sick of it, now I'm looking into hypercoagulation, I'm getting desperate for answers and probably won't get any but I'm trying. I'm to the point I don't know what kind of drs to go to, been to heart dr., neuro, GP internist, its rididculous and of course everything normal.

  2. Elbryan

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    That getting into a good work out schedule would help me with the weakness that I'm going through. I will be starting aquatic workouts next week. This might be something you want to look into. I will let everyone know how it goes for me. Hope you start feeling better
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    Your post hit home - I have being getting worse for 1 1/2 years - I'm not even sure if it is fibro anymore!

    Throughout the day, I have to lay down several times, or I feel that I will fall down

    Is this fibro, chronic fatigue, or something else??

    I have been to numerous doctors who try to tell me it is depression, but i REALLY don't think so, as I've been depressed b4 and never felt like this.

    What meds/vitamins do you take?
  4. tansy

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    the problems those of us with CFS experience. Obviously you should it look into properly but in the meatime you need to find a way of pacing yourself which most of us find makes a difference.

    Are you perimenopausal? Like many other females I've found this has really made my DD worse. It made the sleep problems I had already even worse, likewise concentration difficulties +++. If this is your problems there are lots of natural alternatives to HRT and of course orthodox HRT can be looked into.


  5. catnip51

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    I do take lots of B-complex, CoQ10, cal/mag, vit E. I'm 51 still have my period and I guess i'm going through peri, I've had horrible headaches this year which I'm beginning to believe now they were hormone related, never had headaches that bad for sooo long. So it could be a combination of things going on here...Thanks for your responses
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    I've had FM for over 10 years now,(never DX with CF....yet)but with this amount of tiredness,weakness,sluggish etc...I'm led to believe I just may have the CF too! Whatever the cause its really terrible!!!Somedays i'm not up for two hours and I could crawl right back into bed for a couple hrs~ Then a repeat....up 2-3 hrs,and I feel like I'm gonna collapse.
    I've tried the B12,cal/mag.,ginseng.even coffee does'nt perk me up at these times!!! I need some serious help!!!
    I have so much to do and no ambition to do anything!!
    I hate living like this!!
    sorry for the negativity!I'll snap out of it