Fatigue To Scary Degree and Mottled Fingernail?

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    Just wanted to get both subjects I want to share about in the title.

    Everyday now my body stresses are disabling me to barely functioning. In the last 2 weeks I've had so many blood test, lower CT,upper endoscopy, lower colonoscopy, stool test for C Dif...and on and on...with mostly mild to moderate regular degenerative results like some diverticulosis, hiatal hernia, no C-Dif, etc....but in all this time I feel like I have some inner cancer or something that is draining me to the point of constant moaning and fatigue so heavy and strong I wonder how long I can go with this. Seems to come from something internal from waist up to upper chest. Very sore in chest wall and arm pits and back of chest wall.

    I can't ask the doctors to do anymore than they have done...but I am never better...only worse.

    They have all reached their limits regarding frustration with my case. They have can't-find- the-problem "patient fatigue."

    Seriously, I have used up all my doctor visit and test time...and knowing this and being at home suffering and weak to tears is depressing and discouraging beyond words.

    By the way, no amount of sleep helps my fatigue. It is not from a lack of sleep. It is from something internal and physical or hormonal. THAT I know.

    Also, I have had toe and nail fungus for years. All toes and right thumb nail. That ugly thumb nail is almost gone from deterioration.

    Recently, my right pinkie had red and itching around the base of the nail which up until this time has been fine. Within two weeks the protective layer covering the base of the nail disappeared. Also, this nail has taken on a "mottled" appearance with weird uneven indentations and length wise lines on the surface of the nail. The nail is also filled with white cloud like spots.

    Anybody here ever read anything about what nails tell you when they change like this? Any odeas on what part of my body is under stress that may be showing in that right pinkie nail becoming damaged like I described?

    Thanks, scary and never waning fatigued in CA.
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    To me, the red itching and fungus all shout candida or something related. Have you been treated for candida? Virgin coconut oil is very effective against it. You can apply it topically and also ingest it. If you take it internally, start slow, say 1 tablespoon a day, and work up to two or 3. It worked for me, but I had a very strong herx reaction so had to go slow. Of course there are also meds, but I prefer to stay away from them.

    Other things that can help of course are diet - have you done a diet specifcally for candida? and probiotics, Kefir especially is supposed to be good. Yogurt can help too.

    If I were you, having exhausted the traditional medical pathways, I would give muscle testing a try. I had a very good chiropractor in Ventura several years ago and he helped when the regular doctors couldn't. I can't praise him highly enough. I had several different digestive issues going on. The regular docs couldn't figure anything out. The muscle testing nailed it, within minutes, and the solution was generally some nutritional products from Standard Process.

    If you call Standard Process, they can give you the name(s) of practitioners in your area who buy their products. You can google Standard Process to get their customer service number.

    Also, where in California do you live? I've just been in touch with a doctor Chitra Bhakta in Tustin, who is extremely knowledgable about CFIDS and other issues. I live in Lancaster, and she did a consult with me over the phone! She is ordering several tests for me, and when I'm up to it, I will make a trip to Tustin to see her in person. I liked her a lot. Also - she is taking my Medicare and said she will accept whatever Medicare pays. For most patients, they have to send the bills to the insurance themselves but she said because I'm on disability and on Medicare, she wants to help people like me. I could not afford her otherwise. Her number is (888) 906-2462, and her website is ocimc.com

    Your longstanding fungus problem could quite possibly indicate problems with heavy metals, really really common with us folks. But to address heavy metals, you generally have to work up some stamina.

    Take care --


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