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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by redmaggie, Jan 7, 2006.

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    Excuse me but WTF...went to the doctor today about the posting below. Her words:

    1. Fibromyalgia is a diagnosis when nothing else can be found. It is not really a disease or illness.

    2. "You don't have the type of personality that fits this type of diagnosis".

    3. We'll do some more blood tests again and a chest xray.

    Well what type of "personality" does someone with FM have?

    How many sets of blood tests do I have to have? I have already had 2...and why a chest xray. I know that these are questions I should have asked her but I was too stunned. She even admitted that I don't look well...no kidding...I have been telling her since last May that something is wrong and it is getting worse. Suggestions of what to do next...or how I should talk to her.

    Please don't suggest another MD as we are in an area that has an extreme shortage of doctors and no one is taking anymore. I have to try and work with the one I have...

    Your thoughts?


    I just signed onto this board as I have been doing some research on FM. I am seeing my physician next week and want to speak to her about a diagnosis. For years I have had symptoms like FM but have become much more "chronic" since last May. My symptoms are: extremely tender trigger points, tmj, sleep apnea (but even with CPAP not rested), numbness and tingling in body (particularily face, legs, and arms), tired all the time to the point of not being able to complete household tasks, brain fog (I thought it was just norm for being a mother), etc.

    I am still going to work but have not been able to complete a full week for months. My job is pretty sedentary with some walking. I have seen a neurologist as the doctor felt that I may have MS...this was negative. Doctor tells me to exercise...I don't even have energy to do that! I come home from work and nap for a couple of hours, make supper, then back to bed until the next morning...I couldn't even do more than get the Christmas tree up with the help of my son this year.

    I feel like I have had the flu for months...all blood tests have ruled out any other illnesses. I am so frustrated that I could cry. Hopefully when I see the doctor and talk to her about FM.

    Just venting and frustrated...do these symptoms seem to be FM?

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    I don't have fibro, but from what I've read, your symptoms sound familiar. Your doc should be able to tell you more. Take care and check back in, OK? Terri
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    I come home from work (which I struggle through), drive on the interstate (which I struggle through), come home, let the dogs out while I change my clothes. I let the dogs in, feed them and the cats and then let the dogs back out again... and sometimes I fall asleep on the sofa and forget they are even out. I have an invisible fence, so I know they aren't going anywhere, but I worry about other critters coming into our yard.

    I felt awful one night. It was cold out and I slept on the couch and work up around 2:30 in the morning and remembered they were out.

    I'm tired of dealing with the guilt (yes, I have guilt over things with my fur-babies). I'm so glad I don't have children I have to worry about and glad that no man has been stuck with me.
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    redmaggie New Member

    Just posting to move this ahead.
  5. redmaggie

    redmaggie New Member

    So what type of personality does someone with FM have?

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