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    Hi New Buddies,
    Well, I went to the store and bought Zinc, Calcium, Acidophilus, magnesium, and fish oil. Could not find coconut oil. I know this is only my third day taking these, but how long does it actually take effect? I have been up for 4 hours and ready to go back to bed. I can't remember the last time I stayed up after 7 pm. I am missing a lot of programs I watch on tv.lol Even if I take a nap it doesn't help. I sit like a numb digit waiting for at least 6 pm to arrive so I can go to bed.

    Vitamin H to everyone...(hugs)
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    I found a lot of help for this from Coenzyme Q10. I'm taking 50 mg. of the suglingual from the Pro Health Store. It is on the expensive side, but so worth it for me.

    I used to sleep 12 to 14 hours plus take a 2 hour nap after dinner and miss most of my shows. I could barely stay up beyond 10 PM to watch the football games last season.

    Now by taking the CoQ10, I am able to go on about 8 or 9 hours of sleep at night and no naps at all. It is just wonderful.

    Yesterday I forgot to take the CoQ10, and I started getting really sleepy around 7 PM, prior to our dinner. I came up here to get the pill and by 8:00 PM I was ready to watch all of American Idol, then was able to get on the computer until 12:30 AM.

    I was never able to do all of this before. For me, this supplement has been a miracle.

    You may want to try this and see if he helps you.

    I am on 80 mg. of Lipitor since 1997 and I have heard that people on statin meds should take this supplement as the statins block this enzyme. So I don't know if it would affect non-statin people as much as it has helped me or not.

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    Boy does yopur schedule sound like mine. Last night to bed at 5 pm and up at 8. Haven been up almost 2 hours and ready for bed again. I will certainly get some of that. I am off Lipitor and put on pravacol.

    Thanks so much and will let you know what happens.
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    I have FMS and CFS. I'm still working full time and am hanging in until I retire, I hope ;<0

    To me, the fatigue is the most difficult to deal with. Sometimes I skip eating because after eating I'm so tired that I can hardly keep my head up.

    I read the drugs that you are on in your profile. I've been on a regimen that includes Neurontin for pain, Ultracet for pain and Cymbalta for pain. I also take a statin for elevated cholesterol and triglycerides.

    My question to me these days is: Is the fatigue the FMS/CFS or from all the medication I take?

    Plan: Slowly go off all medication for the FMS pain and gain more control over my life. This is kind of an elimination "diet" of sorts. If I prove to feel better, then to me I will know the fatigue is from medications. If I prove to not feel better, I will know that it wasn't the drugs. I need to do this just to see.

    After I’m off the medications and the effects are out of my system, if I still have problems, I will look at supplements that might be of benefit and tailor a regime that will help me.

    I already take a good multivitamin and will not stop taking it during these times of medication changes.

    This is just my input to let you know what I'm thinking and doing these days.
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    Please let me know if you find out anything...ok
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    Thank you Faye..I think I can get out tomorrow and get some