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  1. barbslilies

    barbslilies New Member

    Just wondered if any of you stay so tired all the time that can't hardly drag. It doesn't seem to matter how much I rest. It doesn't help. My days are mostly spent lying in bed and when I try to do anything, I'm just too tired to get anything done. I have to let my housework go and it is real depressing. Besides tired also feel real sick.
  2. lenasvn

    lenasvn New Member

    This fatigue is my biggest problem. I have a couple of hours mid day if I'm lucky where I can go grocery shopping, bring my little one to the park, etc. besides that is the cognitive problems that seem to remain with me no matter what kind of day I have. It came and went in the past, now it's constant.

    I forced myself to a small thing- delivering news papers! Mostly school kids does this, but what it does is bring my buns outside, and I can't say no since the job has to get done. It is such a short job that I won't flare my behind off.

    The fresh air helps me smell the (insert word of choice here______roses, smelling salt, etc). I am of course exhausted afterwards, but I think getting out like this helps me. if nothing else- I'll mkae some money while I do it!

    Of course I didn't have much advice (sorry!) but wanted to let you know I understand, and feel the same. I wish there was something to do to fix this difficult symptom.
  3. wld285

    wld285 New Member

    Fatigue has always been my biggest problem. It has made my life very difficult. I raised 2 daughters, kept a house, and worked. I had to learn to put myself on auto pilot. Hopefully, there will be some help for us soon!!!!!
  4. suz45

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    Hi Barb:

    Fatigue... one of our favorite words (not really), my fatigue waxes and wanes usually in association to my pain levels. I have FM/MPS (myofascial Pain) and have found the higher the pain the higher the fatigue. Obviuosly sleep is affected when in pain.

    These days I just try to go with the flow, listen and try as weird as that may sound to learn from my pain, not fight it. Some days I'm slower not as much gets done, my posts on this site always tell me bad or good day, as I am usually a good speller and I can see in my posts the days my brain is not running on 8 cylinders. So what if vacuming doesn't get done. Focus on what you can do. That helps me stay more positive. I also allow myself to just plain old cry on the bad days or when in a flare...Then I tell myself this too shall pass.

    Try starting out with small chores/changes and gradually work up. I really belive that when we stay in bed it adds to both the physical discomfort and emotional distress.

    Hope you are feeling better soon.


  5. shootingstar

    shootingstar New Member

    and congnitive problems are my worst symptoms. I have days when I literally do basically nothing except rest.

    The only thing that has helped me consistently, except for the very worst days, is a low dose (60 mg. daily) of a ginkgo biloba/vinpocetine combination supplement I found at Costco. Research before you try this because it should not be taken in combination with some other things like prescription blood thinners. It is a vasodilator and increases blood flow, and therefore oxygen, to the brain. Has in no way been a cure, but a definite help over at least the past year and a half or so.
  6. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member


    Fatigue is something I also grapple with. Although I wake up at 6am I really do not get moving until 11am.

    I am then good til about 7pm and try to stay awake til a 10pm bedtime.

    I take sublingual B-12 tablets and CoQ. I suppose the B-12 works the best. I really do get a surge of energy.

    I hope you get other good suggestions for working with the fatigue.


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