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    I have had CFS for six years. I spent three years with a psychiatrist who prescribed several anti-depressents, including Cymbalta,none of which worked. I have several symptoms, white spots on tongue w/blisters on tongue and inside of lips, sighing a lot, etc., but my main symptom is fatigue. I have had a few episodes lasting a few days where I feel normal, that is I have normal energy and no brain fog. About a month ago I started acupuncture. Had four days of feeling normal. My question: What have all of you done about the fatigue? Thanks, Bev
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    For me there does not seem to be much that can be done about the fatigue. It comes when it comes. I wake up most days after a full nights sleep and am still tired. I am very mindful though of how I expend energy and what I spend it on. I try not to overdo but if I know I am going to push myself that particular day, then I plan ahead that the next few days will be down time. I also fight the fatigue sometimes and try to find something sedentary to do (like come here and read) so that I dont just lay around and nap all day. Sometimes it works and other times its zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Happy for you that you are having several good days (no fatigue) in a row.

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