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  1. jaybienweb

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    Can anyone explain their fatigue; how it feels. It's so much more than feeling tired.

    Thank you!
  2. jaybienweb

    jaybienweb New Member

    Can anyone explain their fatigue; how it feels. It's so much more than feeling tired.

    Thank you!
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    Jaybien--yes, my fatigue is much more than feeling tired, as if you had put in a hard day of work--for 12 hrs, taking care of a home and kids, etc.-- That is tiredness. This is fatigue is exhaustion. One does not have to perform one tasks to feel this, or can do the slightest task, and find themselves totally debilitated. I can wake up in the morning in this state without having set foot upon the floor.
    It feels as if your body is encased in concrete, especially all four limbs. It takes mustering every bit of your will power to even get up an ambulate. Then there is the mental fatigue, that goes hand in hand---handling stimulus, computations, and regular social interaction, is daunting, and exhausting.
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    Fatigue is the total exhaustion that can last for days after doing something as simple as sitting down and planting a few bulbs, or raking dead grass for five minutes.

    Fatigue is needing to take a nap every day, whether I want to or not.

    Fatigue is walking my dog with my eyes closed because I am too tired to open them.

    Fatigue is planning my daily activities so I won't run out of energy before the end of the day.

    Fatigue is going to conferences a day early to be able to rest from the trip before the conference begins.

    Fatigue means always looking for non-stop flights, even though they may cost more.

    Fatigue means missing activities with my kids because they would take too much of my precious energy.

    Fatigue means shopping only at stores with electric carts until finally giving in and purchasing my own scooter so I can regain some of my independence.

    Fatigue means missing church for two months because walking from the parking lot to the church used so much energy I had to close my eyes and rest for thirty minutes to recover from it.

    Fatigue means choosing between standing silently and sitting while singing the hymns.

    Fatigue means not understanding how to do simple 6th grade math and teach it when I used to do calculus.

    Fatigue means putting off grading written assignments until the last minute because it takes so much concentration.

    Fatigue means spending Spring Break in bed resting up so I can finish the last quarter of the school year.

    Fatigue means giving up my lifelong profession of teaching, even though I was a good teacher.

    Fatigue means making new priorities in my life.

    Fatigue means letting go of dreams to travel throughout the world and perhaps be part of a teacher exchange program.

    Fatigue means hoping my son's wedding will not take place until I have the energy to attend it.

    Fatigue means giving up my daily walks and instead riding my scooter when I take my dog out.

    Fatigue means praying I won't fall asleep driving home from school.

    Fatigue means reading something over and over and still not understanding it.

    Fatigue means using a calulator to do simple addition and subtraction.

    Fatigue means forgetting what I was going to say in the middle of a sentence. It means forgetting familiar words and having to describe what the word means to get my point across.

    These are only some of the ways that fatigue has affected me.


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    I feel this is an very important topic because a lot of people don't describe their fatigue accurately to let it be known if the fatigue is physical, mental or both. Words like tired and exhausted do not specifically describe the weakness as physical, mental, both or the severity.

    I have CFS and this is how I describe my fatigue.

    In a resting state I have an overall feeling of extreme weakness, a flu type weakness feeling. When I am up and doing daily activities the general weakness becomes specific to the muscle being used. Using the muscles for even short periods of time causes the muscles to shake from weakness. When I go to the store for example I'm on a time limit. I have to get in and out before my legs muscles start to shake and fail. It takes hours and hours for the muscles to recover. If I push the muscles beyond a certain limit I get dizziness, sweats, nausea and even weaker muscles for days and sometimes weeks until whatever "damage" gets healed.

    I have some mental fatigue when concentrating but it is very small in comparison to the physical-muscle fatigue.
    I never feel tired like I have to sleep. I feel weak and have to lay down and rest the muscles in my body.

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