Fatty tumor...............A lesson for me, please read

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    in the abdomon...Since Wednesday I have had things not go well for setting up my surgery with my doctor...it was one delay after another for three days. Waiting 4 hours to see the surgeon, waiting the next day for pre-op for HMO to get approval for 6 hours before it came (appt for 1:00, not getting papers until 6:15)

    Then to make matters worse had to be at the hospital at 8:00 on Thursday for pre-op. Was told my surgery at 1:00 on Friday was canceled!

    Well, finally got it straightened out...big mess, anyway it was scheduled for 3:30 instead....I waited until 6:15 that Friday in the pre-op room...it all went well. Thank goodness.....

    What is very interesting is, I could not believe all the delays...I figured there must be a reason....well there truely was.....

    While waiting I needed to use the restroom....on the way I saw a familar face that I have not seen in a long time...My brother's X wife....she is suffering for stomach cancer..needed blood from having the radiation.

    I do believe all my delays were for this reason....I know this in my heart....
    So, remember if you have delays and things just seem hard to cope with, watch for the little blessings that are given to us...there is a reason.

    This has taught me such a lesson, I will not sweat the small stuff anymore..
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    I call them "Divine Delays". Just think of all the people that had some sort of delay on 9/11!

    I've heard so many stories of how people should have been in the World Trade Center... or on one of the flights that crashed that day... and through a "Divine Delay"... they are still alive today!

    You are right... there is a reason for these delays!