Favorite cd for relaxing?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by kjwest, May 16, 2008.

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    I posted this on the Fibro board, but think I posted on the wrong board and should be on this one instead.

    So, here it is! :>

    Does anyone have a favorite cd or cd(s) that helps to relax or up-lift your mood when you're having a really bad day?
    I am always looking for new music to add to my collection and was wodering if anyone would like to share their favorites.

    Here are some of my favorites:

    anything by HILARY STAGG (Beautiful flowing harp music [not the typical Mozart, Chopin, Bach type music])

    anything by LIQUID MIND

    HARP OF THE HEALING LIGHT (again not the typical Mozart etc music) by Erik Berglund

    TRANQUILITY by Chicken Soup for the Soul
    ADAGIO Music for Yoga by Peter Davison
    RADIANT HEART by Jim Oliver
    QUIET ESCAPES by Twin Sisters
    GENTLE FITNESS by Inbalance Wellness series
    SOUND HEALING by Dean Evenson
    TRAVELER by Rob Whitesides-Woo
    MOUNTAIN LIGHT by Rob Whitesides-Woo
    TIMELESS by 2002
    IXLANDIA by Jonn Serrie

    UNDER THE COVERS by Best of Smooth Jazz Vol.2
    ACAPULCO MOON by Romantic Interludes
    GUITAR WINTERLUDE(Instrumentals for a Contemplative Christmas)

    THUNDERING RAINSTORM by Nature's Relaxing Sounds (This one is for those who really L-O-V-E awsome thunderstorms!! You will not be disappointed with this 60 min. cd. Lot's of sky cracking lightening & thunder sounds with downpours tapering to gentle rain with very faint background music)

    ALPHA RELAXATION SYSTEM by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson (Embedded in this musical soundtrack are pulses of sound that activate ALPHA brainwave patterns leading you to rejuvenating and enjoyable states of relaxation).

    Please share yours!

    Looking forward to finding more great music to add to my collection!

    Thank you!

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  2. fivesue

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    ...but, it is the sounds of Alaska, the ocean, the whales, the birds, rain...very soothing and relaxes me if I can just concentrate on the sounds and close out the din of my overactive brain.

    I'll look and see what it is. Thanks for sharing your favorites.


    PS Whales, Wolves and Eagles of Glacier Bay by Bernie Krause.

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  3. Marta608

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    "Sound Body, Sound Mind: music for healing" with Andrew Weil, MD.

  4. Sharon

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    I am glad to see another Liquid Mind fan! I used to use their Cd's for rest time for my Pre-K kids, and I definitely use them for myself. I've been listening to "SLEEP" recently, and it is so calming and peaceful.

    Also wonderful is a 3 CD set called "Musical Massage" by The Relaxation Company.

    Some people are chocoholics or junk food junkies...I am most definitely a music-aholic! lol

    Hope everybody is having a great day!
    (((((((((soft hugs)))))))))))
  5. poets

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    Pink Floyd-Dark Side of the Moon
  6. lgp

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    I've been listening alot lately to the soundtrack from the movie 'Once.' Their song 'Falling Slowly' won the Academy Award this year for the best song from a movie. I really love it--even listen to it in my car.

  7. kjwest

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    Thank you for your responses.

    Let's keep it going!!

    I enjoy seeing the diversity in music.

    Pink Floyd-Dark Side of the Moon! One of the all time best party LP's of the 70's!! :>

    (WOW! Do I feel old). LOL!

  8. kjwest

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    For something a little more contemporary and easy listening I enjoy Michael Bublé and Josh Groban.

    Great voices!!