Favorite Gadgets or Gizmos?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by TwinMa, Oct 16, 2005.

  1. TwinMa

    TwinMa New Member

    Could people list their favorite can't live without gadgets or gizmos? I'm talking about storebought items or things you have around the house that help deal with FM or CFS. Mine are:

    1. TheraCane - very good for working out knots and giving yourself a trigger point massage. Especially good on neck, shoulders and feet. I keep it by my bed and use it before I get up in the morning. Got mine through a physical therapist, but sure they can be found on-line. About $25.

    2. Bed Buddy Microwave Heat Pack. Good for headaches. I keep mine in the freezer. Great for draping around your neck or laying across your forehead. Rice in a sock will do the same thing. Bed Buddy at Bed Bath & Beyond or WalMart. $10 Rice in a sock - much cheaper.

    3. Golf balls - I keep one by the couch and roll it around on the bottom of my feet while I am watching TV. Got mine from my husband. Free (sort of).

    4. Tennis balls - Put two in a sock and put them behind your head while laying down. It helps relax the muscles at the base of your skull. Got mine from a dusty corner of the basement. Free (sort of). This would work with racquetballs, too, if you have a smaller head. :)

    What are yours?


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  2. razorqueen

    razorqueen Member

    microwave oven that is beside my bed that my hubby bought for me, to heat up my grain bags in the middle of the night! Now I don't have to walk across the house so many times at night!
    also, my little hand blender that I bought for $12 to mix up Stormy's "shake"!
  3. Tigger57

    Tigger57 New Member

    I can sit here on the couch, watch TV, talk to you guys and send out my resumes.

    I also have a Magic Bullet blender that I love. I drink a lot of protein shakes and this thing takes up very little room on the counter and you mix it in the cup you're drinking out ot.

  4. JLH

    JLH New Member

    1. My telephone headset - I hook it up to my cordless phone so I can talk "hands free". Helps prevent more neck and shoulder pain. (Cost $29.95 at Radio Shack - has volume control for hard-of-hearing people)

    2. My "seat cane" - that I take into stores and other places so if I can't stand up any longer, I flip down the seat and sit down. Cost: $35 (holds up to 350 lbs.)

    3. My massaging heating pad - provides heat like a regular heating pad as well as a massage. (Cost: $15-$20, can't remember exact price)

    4. Mr. Clean long-wand bathtub cleaner. Cost: $10-$15 at Wal-Mart

    5. Swiffer Products: regular dusters; long-handled dusters for ceiling fans, cabinet tops, etc.; swiffer wet mops and dust mops; and swifer wet jets.

    6. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser $2.00

    7. Shower Chair (without back) - Rubbermaid heavy-duty, $35, ordered online.

    8. Long-handled shower back brush (fluffy net type) - $1.88 at Wal-Mart

    9. Diabetic Shoes and wonderful inserts - upper part of shoes are made out of a stretchy leather which allows room for my swollen feet

    10. Rubbermaid sweater box w/lid - which is perfect size to hold all of my prescription meds (23) as well as most of my supplements, too.

  5. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    - Elastic shoelaces for my tennis shoes. Eliminates me
    having to tie and untie shoes-a lifesaver when my hands
    - The Swiffer. I use both dry and wet Swiffer sheets.
    Much easier than getting out a mop and bucket.
    - Ice packs. Great for numbing a really painful area.
    - Sound machine. I am so sensitive to noise-especially
    helpful for my afternoon naps.
    - Foam tubing. Comes in different sizes (like the ones
    you put on pipes to insulate). I especially like putting
    then on pens. With them, I can write longer with less
    - I have a stool that I use for gardening. When you turn
    it over, you can kneel on it and use the sides to help
    get back up. Without it, I couldn't do my gardening.
    - My scooter. Enables me to go shopping (I sometimes use
    the store scooters). I also use it when my husband and
    I go places that require a lot of walking, especially
    on hard surfaces like concrete.

    That's all I can think of for now.

  6. TwinMa

    TwinMa New Member

    I love all these ideas! Thank you for sharing!

    I'm going to start putting together my Xmas list--foot spa, Lazyboy and I'm sure there will be many more wish-fors!



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