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    There's nobody like the US government when it comes to domestic inaction. We give millions in aid of all kinds to other countries, yet don't provide support for diagnosis and treatment of diseases like CFIDS. My wife and I have been following Hemispherx Biopharma's research and FDA status for the last 20 years. Now we learn that, instead of announcing the FDA decision on approving Ampligen for treatment of CFIDS on time (on February 25), FDA has given itself an extension to June 25th so that their staff won't feel stressed. The Center for Disease Control has officially recognized CFIDS as a disease. Canada, the U.K. and Belgium approved this drug years ago. How dare officials in the Federal and state governments attempt to interfere with Americans who attempt to obtain medications in Canada? How dare FDA officials continue to sit on this while millions of people suffer?
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    I have waited about 15 years or so for it to be studied and approved.

    After reading the Memorial page at the CFIDS site, I know that I would never take this drug.
    Too many people listed there who were in the trial phase who have died from cancer.

    Everyone has to make up their own mind...just my two cents.